CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY Societal responsibility: increased interaction with stakeholders

3.8. Community engagement for an inclusive digital society The rapid changes in society triggered by digital technologies affect numerous areas such as health, disability, culture, education, urban and regional infrastructure development. These changes represent real challenges. Education and training, especially in digital technology, represent key priorities for creating value for society and for social inclusion and access to employment for all. The Group is particularly attentive to this issue, and remains committed to vulnerable populations in these areas, while also supplementing its framework for action with initiatives in favour of water rights. To fulfil this commitment, involving hundreds of Group employees, Sopra Steria is supported by two foundations in France and India, as well as long-term sponsorships developed with non-profit organisations. This programme is supplemented by local community outreach initiatives, including a major educational and engagement programme in India, and fundraising events in several countries to expand their own action programmes or bolster the programme in India. Key events p Launch of the Group’s first annual Community Day campaign to promote and raise employee awareness of community engagement initiatives in various countries. p 15th Sopra Steria-Institut de France Foundation Student Awards. p Launch of a new community engagement programme in the United Kingdom focusing on education about digital inclusion and entrepreneurship, in tandem with clients and with the support of employees. p Efforts to boost the scientific knowledge of students in schools supported by Sopra Steria in India, including robotics workshops, science exhibitions and the Thinker Math programme. p Launch of a new partnership in France with ANSA, a non-profit organisation that runs socially innovative projects to combat poverty and social exclusion. p Continued sponsorship of the Collège des Bernardins Digital Chair: “Humanity in the face of the digital challenge”; participation in the Reboot Challenge aimed at students. p Gayathri Mohan, Sopra Steria’s Head of Corporate Responsibility in India, won the FDM everywoman in Technology Award at the beginning of 2018 in the International Inspiration category. The prize was a reward for the engagement and substantial educational programme that has been underway in India for many years.

• Colibry (1) : a platform for developing innovative operational solutions that meet the urban mobility challenges facing smart cities, businesses and citizens. Demeter (2) , a collaborative management initiative In France, Demeter has 30 partners including Sopra Steria who are working together to reduce Toulouse airport’s environmental footprint. Stakeholders have formed four working groups, covering mobility and sustainable infrastructure development, green growth, the circular economy and air pollution. Together, they aim to build momentum leveraging the impact of their areas of expertise. Initial avenues for development include green fuel for aircraft, car pooling for employees and hydrogen stations. Under this joint initiative, Sopra Steria is involved more specifically in the Commute project (3) , which aims to implement a collaborative management system for employee mobility and help relieve urban traffic congestion. The partners in Commute, which was picked out by the European Commission’s Urban Innovative Action programme from 200 applications, include Airbus, ATR, Safran, Sopra Steria, Toulouse Blagnac airport, AFNOR, Tisséo Collectivités and the Réussir Business Club, with the Toulouse Métropole authority providing leadership. Sopra Steria’s goal is to roll out the Colibry digital platform, and contacts are currently being established with other urban authorities in France and the rest of Europe. Information systems security With the growing number of potential threats that companies can face (climate, cyberattacks, failures, etc.), it is crucially important for the Sopra Steria Group to implement robust security frameworks for information systems. Sopra Steria entities (in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Scandinavia, Poland, Spain, Italy, India and Switzerland) are certified to ISO 27001 by accredited organisations. This certification also applies to IT services supplied by the IT Department for the Group as a whole, which have been certified ISO 27001 since 2015 and are subject to annual follow-up audits. The scope of certification is steadily being extended; in 2017, around 10 new sites were certified in France, Spain and the United Kingdom. Cybersecurity As a leading player in cybersecurity, Sopra Steria develops the most innovative solutions and services, especially addressing the risks arising from potential cyberattacks, and these help to meet the Group’s security requirements for its own operations. This subject is discussed in further detail in Chapter 1, Section 4.1.2 of the 2017 Registration Document. 3.7.2. INFORMATION SYSTEMS SECURITY, INCLUDING CYBERSECURITY

(1) Colibry: COlLaboratIve moBility gets RealitY. (2) Démonstrateur des engagements territoriaux pour la réduction des émissions (“Regional emissions reduction commitments demonstrator”). (3) Collaborative Mobility Management for Urban Traffic and Emissions Reduction.



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