CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY Societal responsibility: increased interaction with stakeholders

Sopra Steria, a leading partner In Europe, Sopra Steria has become the leading supplier to public authorities and major companies in sectors as diverse as banking and aerospace. In 2017, Airbus, Sopra Steria Group’s largest client, which it serves in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and India, has established the Group as a leading supplier of high value-added digital services across the portfolio of solutions it provides.

p Ant Tennaz (France): an app that lets users communicate via mobile even when no internet connection is available, using Google’s new Nearby Connections API. p Microsoft Award: Smart DLT – Blockchain 2.0 (Belgium): using blockchain technology, this application can be used to combat counterfeit drugs by securing their distribution channels. In 2017, a special prize – the Disability Innovation Award – was introduced for the first time. What are phantom limbs? They are a sensation that many individuals with a limb amputation experience may feel. The VR Phantom Limbs app aims to reduce this type of pain by combining therapeutic techniques with virtual reality technology. The virtual reality technology fully immerses the user in the environment. This step-by-step approach helps to avoid the use of anti-depressants or powerful pain relief drugs. Harnessing digital technology to achieve a low-carbon economy p Developing solutions that address the new challenges of energy efficiency and allow users to better manage their energy consumption. p Optimising urban transport and multimodality to promote the use of safer, more regular and more attractive modes of transport with a low carbon impact. p Process optimisation and paperless exchange thanks to digital technology. p Services benefiting from the Group’s carbon neutral policy: business travel, offices and datacentres. 2017 Disability Innovation Award: VR Phantom Limbs (France) Digital technology can help to meet our clients’ sustainable development goals Taking into account the social dimension of Corporate Responsibility p Harnessing digital technology to work for a more inclusive economy and working with clients and stakeholders in civil society on digital inclusion issues. Harnessing expertise for smart cities Making cities more attractive, reducing their environmental footprint and offering new services thanks to digital technology p Harnessing digital technology to improve quality of life for citizens and promote sustainable economic development through smart cities. p Supporting digital transformation and regional economic development. p Sopra Steria is partnering with major European cities as they put together their digital strategies, supported by innovative solutions developed by the Group: • Smart Harbour: a system that optimises harbour management by switching to paperless activity management and developing new services; • SI@GO: a building energy efficiency management system; • Enjoy-MEL: digital infrastructure to help boost the appeal of city centres;



An end-to-end approach harnessing digital technology to create value Sopra Steria aligns all its business lines to meet the needs of its clients: consulting and systems integration, development of industry- and technology-specific solutions, infrastructure management, cybersecurity and business process services (BPS). By offering one of the most comprehensive portfolios of offerings in the market, the Group is able to provide end-to-end solutions to its clients’ development and competitiveness challenges. Innovation and digital co-innovation Co-design to mobilise collective intelligence p Development of a collaborative approach that fosters creativity in the design of services, uses, processes, organisations and a shared vision or strategy. By involving business experts, end users and technical experts, this approach shortens the design phase, optimises processes and helps maximise access to digital technology. Sopra Steria DigiLabs: spaces dedicated to digital co-innovation p In 2017, digital co-innovation – a driver of value creation in the digital revolution – saw Sopra Steria staff and clients work together on technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, data science, blockchain, robotics, mobility and cybersecurity. p This approach is supported by 16 DigiLabs, spaces dedicated to innovation to encourage the emergence of innovative solutions that will meet the new challenges facing businesses and organisations. DigiLabs have been rolled out across the Group, in France, the United Kingdom, India, Germany, Norway, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Singapore. Sopra Steria Innovation Awards Over 600 entries consisting of innovative projects submitted by teams from all the Group’s entities were received for the annual competition. The awards were bestowed on the prizewinners as part of the January 2018 Management Kick-Off attended by close to 4,000 Group managers. p Clook (Germany): an app that helps users make travel arrangements. p What’s Next (France): a project that uses artificial intelligence to help users monitor their budgets and accounts and speed up invoice processing. p Smart Digital Cloning (India): an application that analyses data collected via the IoT from a vehicle using blockchain technology.



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