CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY Environmental responsibility: innovating in support of the environment

The Group uses a number of environmental paper certifications: p the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and the PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) ensure that forests are managed sustainably and support the fight against deforestation; p the Blue Angel label certifies that paper is produced from 100% recycled fibre.

that use a direct air cooling system throughout the year, rather than a server refrigeration system. This datacentre is highly energy- efficient, with an energy efficiency indicator (PUE or Power Usage Effectiveness) of only 1.22; p is equipping itself with more compact and energy-efficient environmentally accredited IT equipment (desktop and laptop computers and servers with an Energy Star rating of 6.1; equipment with an EPEAT – or Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool – Gold rating). Total of 96,610 MWh of energy consumed by the Group in 2017 (offices and both on-site and off-site datacentres; including joint ventures). Energy consumption per employee was thus 8.2% lower in 2017 than in 2016 (with joint ventures included in 2017 but not in 2016). Increasing the proportion of renewable energy used to cover consumption In 2016, the Group tripled the proportion of renewable energy used to meet power consumption needs at its offices and on-site datacentres, up from 20.4% in 2015 to 69% in 2016. In 2017, the proportion of renewable energy used to meet the Group’s total power consumption needs (offices and on-site datacentres, excluding JVs) was 76%, up 7% relative to 2016. The Group’s target is to increase this proportion to 85% by 2020. The proportion of renewable energy used to meet the Group’s total energy consumption needs (fuel, gas, mains power and district heating) was 58% in 2017 (offices and on-site and off-site datacentres, including all Sopra Steria joint venture sites). Power consumption p In 2017 in France, Sopra Steria acquired Guarantees of Origin (GOs) covering 19,259,892 kWh of hydroelectric power. This electricity was certified as being generated from renewable sources by Powernext, the state-appointed registrar for Guarantees of Origin, and allocated to Sopra Steria by GO distributor Origo. p Sopra Steria was also the first company since 2016 to purchase International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs) covering hydroelectric power in India, which it acquired through Natural Capital Partners. Through this initiative, power consumption arising from the Group’s network in India is covered by renewable energy. “The central role played by traceability mechanisms such as Guarantees of Origin (GOs) and International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs) is now recognised. Origo provides Sopra Steria with French Guarantees of Origin, thus enabling the Group to play its part in the energy transition.” Ivan Debay, Chairman, Origo Gas consumption In the United Kingdom, Sopra Steria is one of the first companies to have purchased Green Gas from Natural Capital Partners, in 2017. Sopra Steria purchased these certificates to cover 100% of its gas consumption (excluding joint venture sites) from a renewable source, biomethane.

Indicator of paper consumption and purchases of environmentally accredited paper

3kg of paper consumed per employee in 2017 – just over one ream of A4 per person. 76% of paper purchased by the Group is

environmentally accredited. One ream of A4 = 2.5 kg

5.5.2. OPTIMISE BUSINESS TRAVEL Sopra Steria has a large number of sites in over 20 countries, mainly in France, the United Kingdom and India. While maintaining close relationships with its clients and partners, the Group optimises its business travel by promoting: p use of new technologies for internal and external meetings (audio- and videoconferencing, Agile kit, etc.); p use of the least polluting means of transport, particularly for short trips and daily commutes to client locations. As well as being a major environmental challenge, optimising business travel is also a financial challenge that means taking into account requirements arising from the Group’s specific model of close, local relationships with its clients. 5.5.3. OPTING FOR EFFICIENT ENERGY CONSUMPTION AND INCREASING THE PROPORTION OF RENEWABLE ENERGY Sopra Steria has been working for several years to lower its energy consumption, as well as gradually increasing the proportion of renewable energy used to meet its energy consumption needs. Preserving energy resources To lower its energy consumption, Sopra Steria: p favours, for new sites, low-energy buildings that meet new environmental standards and have more efficient equipment and control systems: • in France: Green Office ® Meudon certified BREEAM, HQE-BBC ® Bâtiment tertiaire (high environmental quality office building) and HQE ® Exploitation (high environmental quality operations), Limonest and Colomiers certified HQE ® maximale (maximum environmental quality), extension of Limonest’s BREEAM Very Good rating, Aix-en-Provence HQE ® , Montreuil Cityscope HQE Exploitation and BREEAM In-Use, • outside France: Site 3 in Noida, India, which has a LEEF Gold rating; higher environmental quality in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India; and the environmentally friendly site in Stockholm, Sweden, using an innovative heat recovery system, • new sites under construction in France: Lille has a BREEAM Very Good rating, and the commercial headquarters in Paris, undergoing a complete renovation, will carry both a BREEAM Very Good rating and HQE ® certification; p creating ever more efficient datacentres. One of Sopra Steria’s off-site datacentres in the United Kingdom is hosted on premises



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