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2 NON-FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE REPORT Responsible internal practices


Increasing the number of female company directors This ambition involves stepping up efforts to identify and support women with the potential to hold senior management positions. To that end, more will need to be done to identify, monitor and develop potential candidates – and particularly female candidates – based on the following principles: female employees identified during Individual Potential Reviews are ● interviewed by the Company Directors Management team; three individual meetings are proposed under the Group’s Talent ● and AMP programs, and they give rise to individual career plans; for each senior management vacancy, the Company Directors ● Management team proposes one or more female candidates. Increasing the number of female executives Groupe BPCE has been committed to gender equality ever since it was founded in 2009. At end-2018, over 56% of all Group employees were women. The number of women executives has always been an important indicator for the Group. The percentage of women executives increased from 36.2% in 2010 to 42.9% at the end of 2018. This sharp rise (+6.7 basis points) is not enough, however, to achieve the goal set in the previous strategic plan ( i.e. 45%). The Group HR department is working with all Group companies to promote gender equality policies. It provides staff, middle management and senior management teams with tools to raise awareness. The Réussir sa carrière au féminin (achieving success in your career as a woman) training program for women executives, set up in 2014, has the following goals: to pinpoint key success factors and any aspects that can hinder ● successful careers; to develop leadership skills by increasing women’s visibility and ● impact; to clarify women’s aspirations, develop a motivating career plan ● and provide the means to achieve it. This program is currently being reviewed to adjust its goals and ensure that the process required to access the program is properly followed (HR interview, interview with direct supervisor, women with senior management potential). At the same time, the Group HR department is helping companies complete the intermediate audit for their professional gender equality certification (18 months after first being certified). To date, seven companies have had their professional gender equality certification confirmed and twenty others will be audited in late 2018 or 2019. The Group HR department also coordinates a network of forty gender equality officers, providing them with awareness-raising materials for distribution at Group companies (awareness of stereotypes, gender equality, etc.) and promoting best practices applied in different companies. A new gender equality guide is being drafted and will be distributed in the first quarter of 2019.

Women 42.9%

Men 57.1%

The percentage of women executives is rising steadily. It increased from 42.1% in 2017 to 42.9% at year-end 2018.

DIVERSITY POLICY True to its cooperative values, Groupe BPCE is a full-service bank that is open to all and accessible to customers on a local level. Each of its companies must therefore ensure it acts fairly, reducing inequalities and developing an environment that respects the differences arising from each individual’s social identity (age, gender, origin, ethnic group, etc.), without prejudice. The Group has set targets and taken concrete steps to promote diversity ever since it was founded. The Group Human Resources division has had a Head of Diversity since 2015. Groupe BPCE has pursued its objectives in four priority areas: intergenerational diversity, gender equality, employment of persons with disabilities, and equal opportunities. Under Article 61 of the French Equality and Citizenship Act, anti-discrimination training/awareness-raising was provided to hiring professionals in all companies with more than 50 employees. To date, over 200 hiring professionals have completed this training, which will be repeated every five years. Training courses are already scheduled for the first quarter of 2019. A specific module for “Hiring managers” will be offered to Group companies on request in 2019. This training course addresses three issues: legal aspects, external image and skills. INTERGENERATIONAL DIVERSITY Under the 2018-2020 Strategic Workforce Planning agreement, the Group is committed to recruiting young people and retaining older staff. To achieve this goal, it has undertaken initiatives in various areas: working conditions: reorganization of duties, reduced working ● hours or commute time, occupational health issues, etc., are considered and implemented as appropriate; career development: all employees over the age of 45 can request ● an interview with human resources to discuss the next stage in their career, a skills assessment, etc.;


Registration document 2018

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