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Assystem’s Nuclear operations training programme is recognised by the INSTN The approval was obtained pursuant to the partnership agreement between the Assystem Nuclear Institute and Institut national des sciences et techniques nucléaires (INSTN), the training arm of France’s Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). This is the first time that the INSTN has recognised a training programme, attesting to the programme’s quality and the technical expertise of Assystem Nuclear Institute’s trainers. During the programme, participants acquire basic theoretical and practical knowledge and learn about the specific features of the reactors they will be working on during their engagements. In 2018, 259 engineers followed the programme. A career and skills management tool Our Strategic Workforce Assystem Planning (SWAP) system maps each employee’s profile and career path. SWAP provides a snapshot of their expertise and know-how in order to propose a career path in a specific discipline. The snapshot provides a basis for each employee’s career review with management aimed at identifying the skills that they need to strengthen or develop in order to move up the career ladder. SWAP is therefore a valuable tool for retaining millennials who, unlike older generations, feel the need to project themselves within the organisation and participate in a wide range of engagements in order to broaden their experience.

Promoting mobility

Mobility programmes cover three areas:

● geographic mobility, in France and our 13 other host countries; ● sector mobility, to gain experience of all of our businesses; ● inter-discipline mobility, with a view to gaining the experience required to lead technical teams, manage engagements or take up a position as a technical expert. In 2018, we stepped up our communication in this area by publishing mobility newsflashes. We also strengthened our processes by designing a mobility roadmap comprising clearly identified stages in the process from the mobility request to the formal offer. Around 300 employees benefited from our mobility programme in 2018.

POLICY AND COMMITMENTS Internal mobility is a cornerstone of our human resources strategy. The mobility strategy is a means of retaining employees and helping them to ramp up their skills. We are committed to providing individual support to our employees throughout their career with our Group. ACTION PLANS AND RESULTS Mobility is inherent in our business and we support and encourage the creation of bridges between disciplines and sectors. The large number and wide variety of French and international engagements performed by our businesses offer a wealth of attractive and motivating career opportunities.

Raising the profile of our career paths Participants in the 2017 employee engagement survey called for greater visibility concerning their career trajectory and opportunities. We responded to their request by reviewing and structuring our career development strategy. The aim is to make the tools and methods used to present opportunities in our five disciplines easier to understand and use. A poster and leaflet campaign was launched in 2018, highlighting the various trajectories available to employees and describing the career support system. Going forward, we intend to present as many career examples as possible.

Compensation The following table provides details of the compensation and benefits paid to employees in 2018 compared with 2017 (see also Note 5.3 to the consolidated financial statements on page 112 of this Registration Document).



Change +18.0%

In millions of euros Wages and salaries



Payroll taxes











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