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Raise employees’ awareness of health and safety risks through training Some 2,000 safety live-chats were organised in 2018 throughout France, involving some 3,000 employees. The morning chat sessions are one of the highlights of our health and safety policy. Management and employee appropriation of health, safety and radiation protection issues reflects a shared commitment to continuously improving operational risk prevention and management. Develop a culture of learning by experience Learning by experience and through continuous improvement is an integral part of the Assystem health and safety strategy. Risks identified by front-line employees are reported using the Easy digital app and integrated in the information system. Over 299 reports were recorded in 2018, including 151 proposals for improvements and 148 safety incident reports. The data are analysed and discussed during monthly steering Committee meetings. The aim is to lead a dynamic risk reporting process at the Group’s various facilities, and to share best practices and the feedback received from front-line employees.

occupational health physicians and human resources professionals. The network’s mission is to identify and monitor employees classified as “at risk” or who have become vulnerable following an adverse life event. Managers at all levels in the organisation receive regular training in ways to prevent these risks and the support measures to be put in place depending on each situation. The focus on anticipating and listening ensures that employees who are struggling to cope receive the support they need. The solutions offered may include making adjustments to their workstations or working arrangements. Involve middle management in the risk management process We ensure that line managers and supervisors are warned of the risks associated with certain jobs. Half-day safety training sessions are held each year. In 2018, the focus was on middle management and discussion groups led by a safety expert were organised, with the aim of developing a risk prevention and anticipation culture based on local regulatory compliance and local working environments. A total of 300 employees participated in these groups.

New Safety Management Committee at the EPR site in Flamanville Nuclear is a high-risk industry subject to very strict safety and security requirements. Our teams are on site day after day, handling materials, designing systems and installing or modifying installations. To prevent and limit the potential risk of incidents or accidents at the Flamanville EPR site, where 200 of our engineers are working, we have set up a specific risk governance system with the help of the client, EDF. A steering Committee meets at quarterly intervals to review the latest events and report any human, technical or organisational failures. The Committee also ensures that employees are fit, trained and aware of the evolving risks, before the commencement of each major stage in the project.

● transport: we have a set up a car-pooling system based on a fleet of electric cars; ● flexibility: employees with permanent contracts can set up a time- savings account to save up days of paid leave that have not been taken; ● employee engagement: an employee engagement survey is conducted every two years.

RESULTS The accident frequency rate in 2018 was 2.17, which was considerably below the average for our industry (2.7). The accident severity rate was 0.22. In 2018, 1,250 employees in France received specific health and safety training, for a total of some 40,000 hours. Quality of work life Our quality of work life initiatives cover three areas: improving work/ life balance, based on the charter adopted in 2012, preventing discrimination and promoting flexible working arrangements. ACTION PLANS Initiatives have been launched to reduce absenteeism and stress and enhance employee engagement. ● teleworking: employees are offered this solution to improve their work/life balance and reduce stress by cutting down on commuting; ● separation between working time and personal time: our training programme entitled Managing your working life and personal life to achieve an appropriate balance has been pursued. We plan to publish a guide to parental leave with practical information for new parents; ● right to disconnect: the collective agreement signed in 2017 describes eight best practices for managing digital devices;



Managing the skills development process is one of the keys to our success. Employees have the opportunity to dynamically drive their career paths both in France and internationally. The engagement surveys conducted every two years enable us to measure the level of manager and employee satisfaction with this process.

Skills development

POLICY AND COMMITMENTS We are committed to raising the employability of all members of the Assystem community to the highest level. Our training roadmaps place employees in a learning environment rooted in innovation and experience sharing.




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