Assystem - 2018 Register document



Our engineers are the architects of tomorrow’s world Nuclear Challenge: As countries mobilise to combat climate change, enable civil nuclear energy to play its allotted key role in satisfying increased demand for decarbonised electricity that meets the highest standards of safety and economic efficiency. Solution: Our 2,800 nuclear engineers deploy their recognised expertise across all phases of the nuclear life cycle. They facilitate the use of design and build methods that create safe and competitive nuclear power plants, work continuously on life-cycle maintenance of existing plants and contribute to extending these plants’ operating lives without compromising their safety and security. The related challenges are met thanks to continuous improvements in data traceability. Clients: EDF, CEA, Orano, Rosatom in Turkey and Egypt, ENEC in the United Arab Emirates, K.A. CARE in Saudi Arabia Transportation Challenge: Address the need to increase public transport provision for the world’s city dwellers, estimated at five billion people by 2030, and to upgrade transport infrastructure in line with stricter safety and energy-use standards. Solution: Our engineers participate in major transportation programmes by deploying advanced technologies that play a key role in making public transport infrastructure (stations, subway and railway systems) interoperable, more flexible and more energy efficient. To improve user comfort, they develop interconnected, automatic supervision systems and systems to protect against vandalism. Clients: SNCF, RATP, Société du Grand Paris, Thales, Alstom Transport Buildings & Infrastructures Challenge: Design buildings and other complex infrastructures in a way that guarantees user safety and security as well as energy and cost-efficient operation. Solution: Our engineers use the best data integration and tracking methods currently available to help deliver projects on time, on budget and in accordance with quality standards. Clients: Enedis, ESIDs (Ministry of Defence), SNCF, Royal Commission for Jubai and Yanbu (KSA), RTCC (KSA) Healthcare & Life Sciences Challenge: Support the implementation of capital projects, product compliance management processes, and the qualification and validation of infrastructure and production processes, in an environment shaped by growing regulatory pressures and pressure to reduce time to market and bring down costs, as well as by calls for diversified and patient-specific therapies. Solution: Our services in this area are provided by a specialised subsidiary, Assystem Care, whose 400 employees in France, Belgium and Switzerland possess the skill-sets needed to effectively meet this challenge on behalf of their clients, including life sciences majors, contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs), biotechs and public sector players. Clients: Sanofi, GSK, Novartis, LFB, Eli Lilly, Takeda, Biogen, Merck Three cross-functional expertise centres To create value for our clients by breaking down business and skill silos, we have brought our specialised teams together in three expertise centres that work on cross-functional and multi-disciplinary projects: ● Assystem Connect provides control and safety system development, integration and life-cycle maintenance services; ● Assystem Project Management supports clients in managing large scale infrastructure build and upgrade projects and also offers Project Management software integration services. In 2019, all of the corresponding activities will be combined within ECP, a new subsidiary acquired in late 2017;


● Assystem Digital Factory fields a team of experts in artificial intelligence and data science.




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