2021 Universal Registration Document


Organisation and operation of governance


Number of shares in the Company owned personally: None

Director representing the employees

Date of first appointment: Works Council meetings on 27-28/09/2018 Date term of office began: 23/09/2020 Date term of office ends: General Meeting to approve the financial statements for the year ended 31/12/2023

Member of the Compensation Committee p

Business address: Sopra Steria Group 6 Avenue Kleber 75116 Paris – France

Nationality: French

Age: 63


Outside the Group

Outside France

Listed company

Main positions and appointments currently held Lead Engineer p Member of the Board of Directors of the Traid-Union trade union p

Manager of SCIs (Property Investment Companies) p

Other directorships and offices held during the last five years Member of the Regional Economic Commission - SSG Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes p SSG - Lyon’s employee representative affiliated with the Traid Union trade union p Union representative with the Lyon and Aix-en-Provence CHSCT p (Health, safety and working conditions commission)

Biography Hélène Badosa has worked at Sopra Steria Group for over 20 years. Alongside her professional role, she has also long experience of employee representative bodies. With a master’s degree in information systems, Hélène Badosa began her career running a department at EDS’s data processing centre and went on to become a SAP ERP consultant. She joined Sopra Steria Group in 2001, heading up numerous engineering projects in France and abroad. She is currently a testing specialist for one of Sopra Steria’s key account clients. Thanks to her experience in a broad range of roles, she has in-depth knowledge of issues in the field and the technological environment. Keen to ensure that employees’ voices are heard amid the digital business transformation, Hélène Badosa has also held various corporate offices over the course of her career. As employee representative at EDS and subsequently Sopra Steria, trade union representative on the Lyon and Aix-en-Provence Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committees, member of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Regional Economic Committee and member of the Board of Directors of Traid-Union, she is resolutely committed to employee representation. In particular, the tie-up between Sopra and Steria involved significant work with employees to ensure that the two companies’ cultures merged successfully. Hélène Badosa joined Sopra Steria’s Board of Directors in 2018 as Director representing the employees. She brings her vision as an employee with a keen eye for synergies between the company’s and employees’ development.



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