2021 Universal Registration Document

5 2021 CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Notes to the consolidated financial statements

The applicable exchange rates for the translation of the main foreign currencies used within the Group are as follows:

Average rate for the period

Period-end rate

Financial year 2021

Financial year 2020




Norwegian krone Swedish krona

10.1633 10.1465 3.2895 10.6330 1.1827 1.5891 1.0811 0.8596 6.3779 87.4392 4.5652

10.7228 10.4848 3.2015 10.8224 1.1422 1.5742 1.0705 0.8897 5.8943 84.6392 4.4430

9.9888 10.2503 3.2666 10.5238 1.1326 1.5279 1.0331 0.8403 6.3101 84.2292 4.5969

10.4703 10.0343 3.2898 10.8947 1.2271 1.6218 1.0802 0.8990 6.3735 89.6605 4.5597

Tunisian dinar

Moroccan dirham

US dollar

Singapore dollar

Swiss franc

Pound sterling Brazilian real Indian rupee

Polish zloty

Translation of foreign currency transactions c. Transactions denominated in foreign currencies are translated to the functional currency at the exchange rate applying on the transaction date. Foreign exchange gains and losses arising on settlement, as well as those arising from the translation of monetary assets and liabilities that are denominated in foreign currencies at the end-of-period exchange rate, are recognised in profit or loss under Other current operating income and expenses for transactions hedged against foreign currency risk and under Other financial income and expenses for all other transactions.

Hyperinflation in Lebanon d. The Lebanese economy is a hyperinflationary economy. IAS 29 Financial Reporting in Hyperinflationary Economies lays down the restatements that need to be carried out in such circumstances. The US dollar is the functional currency of the Group’s subsidiary in Lebanon. As a result, the standard does not require any adjustments.


Consolidation methods Sopra Steria Group SA is the consolidating company.

Investments in entities over which the Group exerts significant influence (associates) are accounted for under the equity method. Significant influence is deemed to exist, unless clearly demonstrated not to be the case, when a parent company directly or indirectly holds 20% or more of the voting rights of the investee. Intercompany transactions as well as balances and unrealised profits on transactions between Group companies are eliminated. The accounts of all consolidated companies are prepared as at 31 December. Where applicable, those accounts have been restated to ensure the consistency of accounting and measurement rules applied by the Group. The scope of consolidation is presented in Note 18.

The companies over which Sopra Steria Group has exclusive control are fully consolidated. An investor controls an investee where that investor is exposed, or has rights, to variable returns from its involvement with the investee and has the ability to affect those returns through its power over the investee. Consequently, an investor controls an investee if and only if all the following criteria are met: it has power over the investee, p it is exposed – or has rights – to variable returns from its p involvement with the investee, it has the ability to exercise its power over the investee in such p a way as to affect the amount of returns it obtains.

Main acquisitions 2.1.

EGGS Design – On 2 December 2021, the Group wholly p acquired EGGS Design, a Norway- and Denmark-based consultancy specialising in digital service design. The assets acquired and liabilities assumed are estimated to total -€0.2 million, and provisional goodwill €16.0 million. It is part of the “Scandinavia” cash-generating unit;

In 2021, the Group made the following acquisitions: Labs – On 30 September 2021, the Group wholly acquired Labs, p a Norway-based consultancy specialising in the digital user experience. The assets acquired and liabilities assumed are estimated to total €0.1 million, and provisional goodwill €5.0 million. It is part of the “Scandinavia” cash-generating unit;



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