2021 Universal Registration Document

4 CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY Report by the independent third party of the consolidated statement of non-financial performance presented in the Management Report

we familiarised ourselves with the internal control and risk p management procedures put in place by the entity and assessed the collection process to ensure that the Information is complete and accurate; for the key performance indicators and other quantitative results p we considered most important (presented in Annex 1), we: used analytical procedures to check that the data collected had • been properly consolidated, and that any changes in the data were consistent, carried out detailed, sample-based testing or other selection • methods to check that definitions and procedures had been properly applied and to reconcile data with supporting documents. This work was undertaken on a selection of

contributing entities and countries and covered between 37% and 100% of the consolidated data used in the key performance indicators and results selected for these tests; we assessed the Statement’s overall consistency based on our p understanding of all entities in the consolidated group. The procedures implemented within the framework of a limited assurance audit are less extensive than those required for a reasonable assurance audit performed in accordance with the professional standards of the Compagnie Nationale des Commissaires aux Comptes (CNCC, the French national institute of statutory auditors); a higher level of assurance would have required more extensive verifications.

Paris La Défense, 3 March 2022

Independent third party Mazars SAS

Jérôme NEYRET Partner

Edwige REY CSR & Sustainable Development Partner



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