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Engaging our stakeholders to meet their needs better

Based on close relationships of trust and a dedicated governance structure, coordinated at Group level by a Corporate Alliance Manager, these partnerships ensure that Sopra Steria staff have a high level of expertise in market-leading solutions and technologies. The Group has developed three types of partnerships with: Strategic partners; p Key players in cloud computing; p Major technology players. p This partnership-based strategy enables the Group to offer its clients skills and expertise to help deliver their projects. It is based on an approach that combines co-innovation, industrialisation and transformation underpinned by end-to-end capabilities, from These partners are committed to a strategy of developing sustainable digital. Sopra Steria draws on their solutions to implement architectures and applications for its clients that meet the demands of a carbon-free economy. One of the challenges in meeting this goal relates to the ability to measure the carbon footprint of activities ranging from digital services to infrastructure. Examples of solutions used include Microsoft’s CO 2 calculator and SAP’s Carbon Footprint Management system. Sopra Steria Ventures: Building an innovative European digital community Sopra Steria is working to address the strategic challenges faced by each of the major industry sectors in which it operates, positioning itself as an architect and integrator of innovative solutions. Sopra Steria works with over 300 start-ups, involving them in its projects and entering into industrial partnerships with around 100 of them. Through Sopra Steria Ventures, the Group contributes to building an innovative European digital community: By making direct or indirect equity investments in around p 30 start-ups through partnerships with investment funds ACE Capital, Truffle and Spring Invest, based on investment cases in targeted areas (cybersecurity, FinTech and InsurTech, retail and supply chain, etc.); By forming joint ventures to create innovative businesses with its p clients and other investors. These partnerships enable the Group to respond innovatively to business challenges in its key industry sectors by drawing on emerging technologies to deepen its expertise. They also support solutions produced by the Group’s specialised software vendors: Sopra Banking Software, Sopra HR Software and Sopra Real Estate Solutions. Through Sopra Steria Ventures, the Group is affirming its stance on digital sovereignty in France and Europe by supporting only European start-ups. consulting to digital services, and software vending. Developing environmentally sustainable digital

A civic project combating climate change At the end of 2019, Sopra Steria became a founding partner of the Grande Cause Environnement initiative “How can we immediately work together for the environment?” launched by make.org, a platform promoting engagement and cooperation. Mobilising civil society with make.org The Grande Cause Environnement aims to involve businesses, foundations, non-profit organisations, institutions, media, schools, universities and citizens in a broad consultation on the fight against climate change and to move from ideas to action within three years by delivering tangible projects with a genuine impact on French society. A Sopra Steria consultant shared his organisational expertise with the project for nine months and ten or so employees took part in workshops to devise action plans. Sopra Steria also encourages its employees to take part in implementing projects, particularly through a skills sponsorship programme. Feedback from the Commute project, developed with Sopra Steria to promote soft mobility and reduce pollution from private vehicles in the area surrounding Toulouse airport, will inform the development of solutions as part of the “Mobility for All” initiative. Key figures: Over 500,000 citizens consulted, including nearly p 3,000 Sopra Steria employees; Consensus around action in seven areas: waste, energy and p resources, nature and biodiversity, food and agriculture, transport, education and fiscal policy; 13,600 proposals and 2.3 million votes; p 11 projects selected and kicked off by partners of the Grande p Cause Environnement. Artificial intelligence: Supporting research and academic institutions to drive innovation in our clients’ projects Following the Villani report, the French Government launched an artificial intelligence (AI) plan. This plan encompasses a number of initiatives including the establishment of four Interdisciplinary Artificial Intelligence Institutions and a Grand Défi (Key Challenge) in relation to Trustworthy AI. Sopra Steria is participating in both these initiatives. The Group is thus partnering with the Toulouse Interdisciplinary p Artificial Intelligence Institution, which aims to facilitate the use of AI for human-critical applications. Research topics cover the acceptability of AI (including its social acceptability), vehicle certification and human-robot collaboration for use in Industry 4.0. The Trustworthy AI Key Challenge aims to build a platform that p will produce standardised components to ensure that AI can be trusted in use. It will draw, in particular, on the findings of ANITI (Artificial and Natural Intelligence of Toulouse Institute), one of the Interdisciplinary Artificial Intelligence Institutions to which the Group is contributing. As part of a consortium of ten industrial and technological partners, Sopra Steria will be building a secure platform for validating critical systems.



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