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Engaging our stakeholders to meet their needs better

Digital ethics at the heart of design, evaluation and decision processes

increasing return on investment and reducing environmental impact. AI can lengthen the lifespan of this manufacturer’s machines by optimising utilisation and maintenance. INNOVATION AND STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS 4.2.3. We are a trusted partner to our clients, bringing them the best technology to develop innovative solutions. Thanks to a network of experts, startups and major technology partners, we work with our clients to build solutions that meet their requirements for sustainable performance. Co-design to mobilise collective intelligence Developing a collaborative approach fosters creativity. It affects the design of services, uses, processes, organisational structures and shared strategies. By involving business experts, end users and technical experts, this approach shortens the design phase, optimises processes and helps maximise access to digital technology. A network of DigiLabs to inspire, create and deliver Starting in 2014, Sopra Steria has developed a network of DigiLabs intended to foster innovation. The aim is to develop use cases to highlight and share innovation with the Group’s clients and employees. The DigiLabs are also connected with stakeholder communities to help them anticipate clients’ needs (innovation clusters, research centres, academia, start-up communities, etc.). They are also involved in trialling emerging technologies of interest to the Group (artificial intelligence; virtual, augmented and mixed reality; the IoT; blockchain; etc.). The DigiLabs are structured as a network, enabling them to more easily share innovative experiments and best practice with the Group’s clients irrespective of location. The DigiLabs support innovative projects put forward for the Sopra Steria Innovation Awards, and in particular those connected to disability, such as the following: MoveMe : a Norwegian project that helps children with p cerebral palsy communicate. PepperBotyfy4Autism : a French project that will be using p artificial intelligence, robotics and home automation to help young adults with autism integrate into society. Illumie : a Norwegian project that uses computer vision to help p visually impaired people move about in unknown environments. Next: the DigiLab flagship Next is a pioneering space dedicated to innovation. Located in the heart of Paris on premises spanning nearly a thousand square metres, the Next team helps our major clients untangle situations, explore new ideas, come up with responses that truly meet their expectations and commit to sustainable transformation. Drawing on a combination of brainstorming, innovative use cases, cross-fertilisation between sectors and work to anticipate new uses of technology that can drive performance, Next undertakes feasibility studies, programme and business model definition and new product and service design. A strategy of partnering with leading market vendors To help it respond to client needs and to support them with their digital transformation projects, Sopra Steria partners with some of the largest software vendors and cloud players in the market.

While its fundamental principles (transparency, equity, sustainability, privacy, security, etc.) enjoy broad acceptance, the real question is how best to put them into practice and devise “ethical by design” digital systems that are fit for purpose and meet the criteria for responsible use of digital technology. The Exploratoire proposes three ways in which ethics can be built into decision, design and evaluation processes so that it becomes a new criterion in strategic corporate decision-making. Experimenting with a data code of ethics in France’s Occitania region Under the banner of Sopra Steria Next’s digital ethics Exploratoire , a working approach has been devised and is currently being trialled in the Occitania region. Regional authorities have already been engaging with ethical issues for the past several years, notably through participative public policy-making. They have also founded Occitanie Data, a public interest group that aims to engage a community of stakeholders committed to the secure use of data, one of whose deliverables is a code of ethics that can be applied to any project involving the use of data. The “ethical by design” approach to digital services, which will be trialled in keeping with this code of ethics, goes slightly further by providing a framework for dynamically questioning all identified ethical constituents at each step of the design process: impact on society and the common good, HR impact, equity, diversity and inclusion, privacy, transparency, security, environmental impact, participatory aspects and governance of ethics. Asking these kinds of questions at each stage in the design of a service – an approach based on “design thinking” – is what makes this approach so original and attractive. Sopra Steria Next – via The Exploratoire – and the p Human Technology Foundation have published a report entitled "Data altruism: Using data to help serve the public interest" The advent of the modern digital economy has triggered an exponential acceleration in both the generation of data and the ability to make use of that data. The stated aim of data altruism is to help serve the public interest by asking for data that is little used or unused, and to re-establish a mechanism of exchange in a digital world hitherto dominated by extractivism (the extraction of large amounts of data, not all of which is used). Ahead of a forthcoming European regulation, the Sopra Steria Next Exploratoire and the Human Technology Foundation are keen to propose practical and legally feasible actions to show that the idea of data altruism can help identify ways of ethically sharing data. Helping organisations become more resilient Digital sovereignty p The Group has been committed to digital sovereignty for a number of years now. Further information can be found in section 4.2.3. in paragraph “Commitments in support of digital sovereignty” (page 140). Using artificial intelligence in pursuit of sustainability for p a European manufacturer Sopra Steria adopts sustainable digital solutions powered by artificial intelligence in pursuit of three goals – cutting costs,



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