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Engaging our stakeholders to meet their needs better

Helping organisations become more resilient. p For each of these value propositions, the opportunity is, where relevant, built into the operational business process. Optimising consumption and the environmental footprint of digital technology Developing environmentally sustainable digital p technology Sopra Steria accelerated its adoption of digital environmental • sustainability, notably by selecting the infrastructure and technologies most closely aligned with clients’ and the Group’s environmental sustainability goals; The Group’s trajectory toward achieving net-zero emissions • by 2028 will benefit all the services delivered to its clients; United Nations Climate Neutral Now programme: investing in • carbon capture projects to neutralise emissions arising from the Group’s offices, data centres and business travel; greenhouse gas emissions arising from purchases of goods and services (including IT and telecoms) and those arising from commuting and homeworking to be included in this programme by 2028. Assessing the environmental impact of new services and p developing eco-designed solutions and services Sopra Steria uses and develops a range of methods, • standards and tools to assess and reduce the environmental impact of its applications and services: ACV screening: measuring the impact in the form of a • simplified life cycle for all equipment and simulating optimisations; G4IT: automated measurement of the environmental impact • of information systems to help coordinate various continuous improvement workstreams, based on dedicated product category rules for digital services and the NegaOctet database; Sustainability For You (S4U): measuring the impact of • delivering a project (e.g. in terms of business travel); Green IT Analysis CLI: Sopra Steria makes its contributions to • this tool available on an open source basis. Green IT analysis is incorporated into DevOps project workflows, making it possible to estimate the environmental impact of a web path (using the ecoindex service) and carry out an initial audit of the quality of eco-design code (using the ecometer service); Scaphandre and Power API: research and development • projects looking at measuring impacts in real time using servers that interact with the stakeholder community. Working with the stakeholder community and p sector-specific organisations: Collectif Conception Numérique Responsable (CNUMR), Institut du Numérique Responsable (INR), Boavizta (Calculator working group), Planet Tech’Care, Numeum (Green Taxonomy working group), Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), make.org Grande Cause Environnement , French Business Climate Pledge, We Mean Business, SBTi, United Nations Global Compact (Environment Working Group), NegaOctet Advisory Board appointed by ADEME, European Green Digital Coalition (EGDC) and Climate Pact. Helping clients boost their positive impact Digital environmental sustainability training. Through awareness-raising and training for project teams of a French ministry and helping embed digital environmental sustainability, Sopra Steria developed the skills needed to measure the environmental impact of a digital solution, identified areas for improvement and created key performance indicators.

Cloud migration. Today, this type of migration must address issues of resilience and scalability, while including the ability to create new innovative services and encompassing the notions of data sovereignty and sustainability. For a company in the logistics sector, Sopra Steria optimised and migrated processing applications to the cloud, thus helping this operator move closer to meeting its net-zero emissions goal. Foster the emergence of new behaviours and uses in support of a carbon-free economy Rethinking the future of urban mobility p The Commute project, which is looking at collaborative mobility management in the area around Toulouse airport, is an opportunity to rethink the future of urban mobility. Toulouse is a major city that attracts many visitors, aggravating traffic congestion throughout the area: according to projections, the number of journeys per day could increase from 4 million in 2015 to 4.5 million in 2025, with 265,000 of these extra journeys in the area around the airport alone. Launched in 2018, this innovative collaborative initiative, backed by European funding, brings together public and private stakeholders from around the Toulouse area. Sopra Steria is contributing to the project by putting in place a digital data monitoring and analysis platform. The key aims are to improve traffic flows, reduce environmental impacts, help the area remain an attractive destination and improve quality of life for the local population. Measuring and reducing resource consumption p Sopra Steria has developed a digital solution for a leading European aerospace group designed to improve the process of requesting critical raw materials from its suppliers, improving order accuracy by moving from annual to monthly ordering. Measures put in place include life cycle analysis, impact measurement and an eco-design process. Developing inclusive services accessible to all The Group is helping its clients adopt paperless processes and p supporting major public sector bodies and industrial players as they roll out digital accessibility and seek to comply with the RGAA regulation (on accessibility for public authorities), making their services as widely accessible as possible. Sopra Steria is developing its employees’ digital accessibility p skills through a full suite of training modules. In France, nearly 8,600 employees have already completed an awareness-raising e-learning module. Lastly, a commitment to digital accessibility for all is an integral p component of the Group’s community engagement and associated actions, notably through the Sopra Steria-Institut de France Foundation. Further information can be found in section 4.6.3. in paragraph “Developing access to digital technology for all” (page 147). Supporting ethical digital practices The Exploratoire : The do tank for responsible digital p technology Created by Sopra Steria Next in 2020, The Exploratoire is a do tank dedicated to addressing issues raised by the changes businesses are experiencing in relation to ethics, trust and corporate responsibility. Its mission is to tease out, share and disseminate best practice drawing on stakeholders’ communities: business networks, schools, the Group’s clients, institutions, foundations, and so on. The Exploratoire tackles tangible issues of genuine concern to society and the business world. Its work takes a variety of forms: briefing notes, opinion surveys, decision-maker surveys, face-to-face and virtual events, and experimental projects.



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