2021 Universal Registration Document


Environmental Responsibility: Carbon-neutral trajectory – Net-zero emissions by 2028

To lower greenhouse gas emissions at its offices and on-site data centres, a high proportion of Sopra Steria’s electricity consumption continues to come from renewable sources under green power purchase agreements sealed directly with suppliers or using Guarantee of Origin certificates (GOs and REGOs in France, Spain, Norway, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Monaco, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and the United Kingdom) or International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs in Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, India, Brazil, China, the United States and Singapore). The 85% objective was exceeded back in 2019, and further progress was made in 2021, increasing Sopra Steria’s proportion of electricity consumption from renewable sources to 99.2%. The pandemic did not have a material impact on on-site and off-site data centre operations. The reduction in data centre emissions is mainly attributable to the increased proportion of renewables in our electricity consumption.

Reducing emissions from business travel p To reduce the greenhouse gas emissions linked to its employees’ business travel, Sopra Steria applies an internal carbon price and supplies each country with its business travel-related environmental footprint. These awareness-raising measures, together with the development of effective communication tools, the use of greener alternative modes of transport and the drastic impact of restricted movement due to the pandemic, helped to reduce business travel -related GHG emissions per employee by 41% in 2021 compared with 2020 (an absolute reduction of 40%), and by 84% compared with 2015 (hotels have been included since 2016 and joint ventures since 2017). The impact of the reduction due to the pandemic is material (around 70% to 75% in absolute value) compared with 2019, the last year without Covid.



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