2021 Universal Registration Document


Social responsibility: a committed and responsible Group

Our commitment to non-discrimination is reflected in our having signed a number of national and international charters and corporate giving agreements we consider high-priority to support a proactive approach and work to promote diversity:


Charters signed

Workplace gender equality

UN Global Compact Women’s Empowerment Principles (2021-2023 corporate giving agreement) Global Business and Disability charter under the aegis of the ILO (2021 charter – renewed every year) Diversity Charter: Germany, France and Norway: signed in 2021 and renewed annually United Kingdom: signed in 2018 and renewed annually Autre Cercle charter in France, signed for 2021-2023, with a target of establishing a framework for combating workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation or identity

Recruiting and promoting people with disabilities

Diversity and social openness

Non-discrimination against LGBT+ people at work

GENDER EQUALITY POLICY 2.7.1. Our gender equality policy is designed to help women progress

level of the company in proportion to their percentage of the total within the Group and support their career development at every workforce. Special attention is paid to achieving this representation level of the Company. This policy is implemented through specific in management and senior management positions. actions to ensure that women are ultimately represented at every

Proportion of women in the Group Women on the Board of Directors Women on the Executive Committee Women in senior management positions Women in the 10% most senior positions







42% 12% 15%





N/A* 18%

N/A* 18%




Women recruited

32.8% 31.6%




Women in the workforce





N/A: not available.

The proportion of women in the Group’s workforce remained stable, at 32.4% in 2021 compared with 32.5% in 2020. Women held 29.8% of engineering, consulting and project management positions, compared with 29.9% in 2020. It remains higher than the overall proportion of women in scientific careers (28%). Increasing the proportion of women in the workforce and in management positions The Group has implemented a gender equality programme backed by Executive Management, “TogetHER For Greater Balance”, to

involve employees in an innovative collective intelligence exercise designed to tease out ideas and best practices. This long-term programme is helping raise awareness of the need to increase the proportion of women in the digital sector, where they are significantly under-represented. It also aims to promote initiatives and success stories, which are gathered and shared throughout the year. They are made available via a dedicated platform accessible to all employees. The goal of sharing initiatives in this way is to inject fresh momentum by inspiring people and encouraging interaction between countries.

The six types of initiatives collectively identified and implemented are as follows:


2021 indicators

The proportion of women in the workforce held steady : women accounted for 32.4% of the workforce (vs 32.5% in 2020) The proportion of women recruited held steady : 33% of new recruits were women (vs 34% in 2020) Digital skills retraining: 26.4% of new recruits were women, vs 33.3% in 2020 (41.7% of scope: France) Balanced ratio of men and women promoted within the Group: 15.5% of women promoted, vs 15.8% of men Of those promoted, 32% were women, vs 35% in 2020 More women in the 10% most senior positions: 19.4% were held by women, vs 18.6% in 2020 Annual Group “TogetHER for Greater Balance” awareness campaign: 7,684 participants Group highlights : inspiring lecture series led by international experts (UN Women representatives and experts talking about the role of women in the digital sector) for Group employees

Setting numerical targets to track progress in the proportion of women in the workforce and in management positions (proportion of women recruited, in the workforce, promoted) Indicators for 2021-2025: Women to make up 30% of the Executive Committee 20% of senior management positions to be held by women (with an intermediate target of 17% for women in senior management positions by 2023) Launching Group awareness campaigns under the “TogetHER for Greater Balance” banner, backed by Executive Management, to reaffirm the Group’s commitment to diversity



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