2021 Universal Registration Document


Social responsibility: a committed and responsible Group


2021 achievements

Providing training programmes to position the Group as a “learning company”

See section 2.6. “Maintaining and developing skills” (page 112) Employees can access over 10,000 digital resources via a web portal and a mobile app: Group Fundamentals, Management, Strategy & Offerings, Sales, Quality & Methods, Technology, etc. Ran international GPTW survey again in 2021; 82% of employees took part, unchanged from 2019 Remote working implemented across all geographies: two to three days’ remote working per week depending on country and context. 100% of scope 85% (vs 78% in 2019) of employees responding to the survey felt that “New employees are given a good welcome” Other distinctions included, but were not limited to, the following: Winner of the Grand Prix de la Good Economie in the “Promoting inclusion and diversity” category alongside our partner Diversidays The Grand Prix judges selected the DéClics Numériques programme, which aims to orient and retrain jobseekers from working-class and rural areas to work in the digital sector. Out of a total of 250 companies, Sopra Steria came in eighth place in the 2021 Grand Prix Humpact Emploi France , analysed in France, a ranking released by the ESG rating agency Humpact that recognises companies having implemented the most exemplary social policies for employment in France. Compensation: a driver of recognition The guidelines pertaining to the components of compensation and its progression are common to the entire Group and are structured around: Fixed compensation: determined according to the level of p responsibility, consistent with the Group’s Core Competency Reference Guide; Variable compensation: to encourage individual and collective p performance for some employees, particularly managers, sales staff and experts; An international Group employee share ownership programme to p give all employees a more meaningful stake in the company’s performance. The pay ratios set out below are the fruit of a policy aimed at harmonising HR processes so as to promote fair treatment across all countries in which the Group operates: Pay ratio with respect to the top 1% highest salaries in the Group p (100% of the Group excluding interns, work-linked training students and acquisitions): 86.9% of employees work in a country where the average of the top 1% highest salaries is less than 4.5 times the average salary in the country. This pay ratio held steady relative to 2020; Senior executive pay ratio, detailed in Section 3.2, “Pay ratios” of p Chapter 3, “Corporate governance” of this Universal Registration Document (pages 92 to 95).

Measuring employee satisfaction through regular surveys

Promoting work-life balance

Findings of the Great Place to Work survey

Great place to work Sopra Steria’s survey of its entire workforce, conducted with the help of Great Place to Work (GPTW), was launched in 2019 and run again in 2021. It forms part of a global transformation approach in which the Group’s employees play a key role. Significant progress has been made: in particular, 72% of employees think Sopra Steria is a great place to work, 10 percentage points higher than in 2019. On the whole, all the entities improved their standing, since 20 out of 22 entities (1) were eligible for certification in 2021 (10 more than in 2019), which means that 88.9% of the Group's employees work for a company recognised as a Great Place to Work. Eight Group entities (2) are also in the running to earn a spot on a Best Workplaces list, distinguishing the best certified companies. The main strengths identified are our close relationship and communication with employees. The Group made progress despite the public health crisis and hybrid working arrangements, maintaining a friendly atmosphere and paying particular attention to the welcome and induction of new recruits, which often had to take place remotely. These two points once again stood out very clearly last year, along with the trust shown by management and respect for diversity, both already identified as genuine strengths in 2019. The Group ranks as one of the top performers in the GPTW ranking on the topic of diversity. The main areas for improvement relate to fair treatment with regard to pay and promotions, pride of belonging and the need for management to clearly express its expectations. The Group continues to pursue further improvements in 2022, focusing on consolidating its strengths and redoubling its efforts in identified areas for improvement. A new survey will be undertaken at the end of the year to give employees another chance to express their views and assess progress made. This reflects the Group’s commitment to ensuring that its employees are satisfied and offering a healthy and supportive working environment.

Sopra Steria (France, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, India, Poland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland and United Kingdom), CIMPA (France, (1) Germany, Spain and United Kingdom), Galitt (France), Sopra Financial Technology (Germany), it-Economics (Germany and Bulgaria), Sopra HR Software (Spain and Luxembourg), Sopra Banking Software (United Kingdom, India, Brazil, Spain and Luxembourg). Sopra Steria (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, NHS United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Switzerland) and it-Economics (Germany). (2)



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