2021 Universal Registration Document


Sopra Steria’s Corporate Responsibility Strategy


Priority 1: Be a benchmark employer that pursues a proactive policy of increasing the proportion of women in management positions Indicators 2020 Results 2021 Results Proportion of women on the Executive Committee – 2025 target: 30% 12% p 17.6% p Proportion of women in 10% most senior positions 18.6% p 19.4% p Percentage of women in workforce 32.5% p 32.4% p

Priority 2: Achieving net-zero emissions by 2028 Targets 2020 Results

2021 Results

-74.0% (incl. pandemic impact) p -45% (excl. pandemic impact) p

-83.5% (incl. pandemic impact) p -50% (excl. pandemic impact) p

Reduce emissions per employee from direct activities (Scopes 1/2/3-6 and 3-8) relative to 2015 Reduce emissions from indirect activities (in particular supply chain): Measurement of the proportion p of suppliers accounting for 70% of the supply chain’s GHG emissions that have set an emissions reduction target Measurement of GHG emissions p from waste, commuting and homeworking Offset unavoided emissions from our direct activities (1) through Climate Neutral Now carbon capture projects (2)

44% across France, Spain, Germany p and Italy

55% across all geographies p

GHG emissions from waste, commuting p and homeworking: 21,758 tCO 2 e

100% p

100% p

Priority 3: Incorporate digital sustainability into our value proposition Targets 2020 Results

2021 Results

France: 3,000+ employees trained p in eco-friendly digital behaviours

Include digital environmental sustainability in our service proposition (Green IT)

Group: 16,000+ employees trained p in eco-friendly digital behaviours (35% of the workforce) Digital environmental sustainability gradually p incorporated into our value proposition Projects that support decarbonisation p in our clients’ business sectors Taxonomy: climate change mitigation and p adaptation, eligibility (turnover slightly above 5%, capex 97.3%, opex non-material) Digital sovereignty: Gaia-X (trusted cloud p architecture and standards) Digital ethics: data altruism partnership p Digital accessibility: awareness raised among p 8,400+ employees in France

Tools and skills developed p Strategic studies and analysis from p The Exploratoire : “Organisations and environmental transition”, “Digital environmental sustainability” Digital sovereignty: p Sponsor of the “Cybersecurity and Digital Sovereignty” academic chair at the IHEDN Digital ethics: p Set up The Exploratoire

Use our digital solutions and services to support our clients as they transition to a net-zero emissions economy (IT for Green) Take into account the various dimensions of digital sustainability, in particular digital sovereignty, digital ethics and digital inclusion

Emissions from indirect activities will be offset from 2025 onwards. (1) Climate Neutral Now: an initiative launched by the UN in 2015 to encourage all citizens to take action to help achieve the goal of a climate-neutral world by the middle (2) of the century, in accordance with the Paris Agreement.



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