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EXTRA-FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF PERFORMANCE Integrating sustainability into Worldline’s business

Worldline’s CSR ambition [GRI 102-18] [GRI 102-19] [GRI 102-20] D.1.2 [GRI 102-21] [GRI 102-26] [GRI 102-27] [GRI 102-29] [GRI 102-30] [GRI 102-31] [GRI 102-32] [GRI 103-2 Economic performance] [GRI 103-2 Market presence] [GRI 103-2 Indirect economic impacts] [GRI 103-2 Procurement practices] [GRI 103-2 Anti-Corruption] [GRI 103-2 Energy] [GRI 103-2 Emissions] [GRI 103-2 Employment] [GRI 103-2 Training and education] [GRI 103-2 Diversity and equal opportunity] [GRI 103-2 Customer privacy] [GRI 103-2 Socio-economic compliance]

Creating value for all stakeholders D.1.2.1

Addressing stakeholders’ expectations D. The following graph presents the Company’s main stakeholders, their key expectations and how Worldline ensures it creates value for them.


Worldline value creation

Main SDGs

Customers Worldline is part of a fast- evolving environment with a significant % of its revenue generated from a limited number of customers.

Satisfaction surveys, innovation workshops and solutions, respect of highest ethical standards (GDPR…)

Innovation, platforms availability, security, data privacy

Employees Worldline relies on the talent

Compensation and benefits, working conditions and organisation, social dialogue, Talent & Expert management, diversity

Well-being, learning and growing, gender equity, and Talent & Expert programs, local employment

of its people to ensure continuously innovative solutions.

Public Bodies Worldline complies with international and local laws, rules and regulations. of a number of partners who provide IT hardware, software & services (suppliers) and work on projects (start-ups). Communities Worldline engages local stakeholders in order to operate and develop its business. Suppliers & Partners Worldline uses the know-how

Fair business practices through a charter for partners, promotion of CSR through EcoVadis rating

Sustainable relations, costs, responsible procurement

Market trust and growth, respect of Human Rights and of the environment, consolidation of ethics standards

Compliance, reputation, data privacy, promotion of the e-payment sector

Positive economic and social impacts, environment protection, Human Rights, anti- corruption

Contribution to highest ethics and environmental standards, local associations, local employment

Investors & Analysts Worldline ensures investors’ trust to continue to develop.

Profitability, transparency, risk management, governance

Comprehensive reporting, Investor roadshows, Analyst Day

The stakeholders’ex pectations at Ingenico are described in Chapter 3.10 of its extra-financial performance declaration.


Universal Registration Document 2020

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