Worldline - 2020 Universal Registration Document

EXTRA-FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF PERFORMANCE Integrating sustainability into Worldline’s business

Examples of Worldline external contributions to SDGs through sustainable offers:

Worldline’s Fraud Risk Management, E-banking or Acquiring Processing solutions enable the decrease of fraud and corruption risks and de prevention of cyber threats.

By making payment easier with flexible digital business models, Worldline’s Payment Acceptance, Kiosk and Digital Retail solutions enable the creation of economic value and growth for clients, via shorter time-to-market and costs reduction.

By making financial services accessible for small industrials and merchants, Commercial Acquiring and Acquiring Processing solutions favor the development of merchants network and their integration inot value chain and markets.

By ensuring access to adequate, safe and affordable basic payments services,

Through its Cloud, Online and Digitisation services that deliver environmental benefits including paper use reduction, travel minimisation to access services or energy consumption optimisation.

Wolrdline’s offers contributre to its

stakeholders satisfaction. Also, the e-ticketing offer provides acces ti safe and sustainable transports.

Examples of Worldline internal contributions to SDGs:


 Social initiatives  Health and safety  Flexibility at work  Health care benefits

 Social initiatives  Training plans for employees  Learning@worldline

 Gender Equity programme  Diversity strategy

 Sustainable supply chain  Suppliers’ evaluation  Eco responsible transport  Waste management

 Code of ethics  Data protection policies  BCR  PCIDSS  Ethics in the supply chain

 Climate change strategy  Monitoring carbon footprint  Environmental targets and policy

However, based on its business activities, Worldline has decided to concentrate its efforts on the five most relevant SDGs for which the Company has the most significant impact and can maximise its contribution:

In addition, Worldline also has a special impact on two complementary SDGs: SDG 3 “Good health and well-being” and SDG 5 “Gender Equality” covering areas in which the Company is highly involved through its Wellbeing@Worldline and Gender Equity programmes. Regarding Ingenico’s contribution to the SDGs, please refer to Section of its extra-financial performance declaration.

Universal Registration Document 2020


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