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EXTRA-FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF PERFORMANCE Integrating sustainability into Worldline’s business

revisited KPI, a set of new ones has also been established to remain in line with the Company’s ambition and values. In line with its TRUST 2020 programme, these ambitions and quantified targets rest upon Worldline’s CSR pillars but, unlike the TRUST 2020 programme, an additional pillar has been added focusing on local communities. First of all, Worldline commits to keep its customers satisfied and committed to the Company. To this end, two ambitions can be pointed out: the first one being guaranteeing delivery excellence and utmost services quality and the second one being enhancing customer experience through positive impact solutions. Secondly the well-being of employees has never been as important as it is now. The people pillar encompasses a twofold dimension. The first is focusing on fostering people development, well-being and engagement. In this regard, Worldline also draws a specific attention to the attraction, retention and personal evolution of employees. Regarding the second dimension, it aims at promoting fairness, diversity and inclusion for more equality & performance. Furthermore, in order to raise responsible procurement practices within its value chain, Worldline set up more advanced objectives. Additionally, Worldline will also ensure ethics and confidence in all its activities. As to the environment, Worldline commits to contribute to carbon neutrality but also to offer eco-designed payment terminals aligned with circular economy. Eventually, as mentioned above, the TRUST 2025 programme includes a new pillar being “helping our communities”. Worldline TRUST 2025 programme is also aligned with its updated materiality matrix. In fact, as it is explained below (D., the latter has slightly changed following the acquisition of Ingenico.

The objective of employees satisfaction with the trainings ● provided by Worldline was reached with an 88% achievement; The % of CO 2 emissions offset from data centres, buildings ● and travel was 100%; and The % of CO 2 emissions offset from pay ment terminals Life ● Cycle Assessment (LCA) was also 100%. One KPI has been partially achieved: The Quality score – Contracts’ services availability & ● response. In fact, the target was set at 9,875 and the result in 2020 was 9,817. However, the KPI related to the gap between the percentage of females in management positions and the percentage of females in the overall workforce has not been achieved. For more information, please consult Section D.3.1. TRUST 2020 has been a truly successful programme transforming the Company over five years. It is therefore time to launch the TRUST 2025 programme. The different lessons learnt of the TRUST 2020 programmes are detailed at the beginning of each section. Looking forwards. Worldline TRUST 2025 programme. 4. To mirror its Sense of Purpose, the CSR department adopts a long term and holistic vision, develops a sustainable business model and acts responsibly towards all its stakeholders and the wider society. In this regard, a new CSR TRUST 2025 programme has been elaborated for which various ambitions and quantified targets have been settled with the support of the management team. Regarding the latter, some of them were already part of the TRUST 2020 programme but the targets have been adjusted to reflect the Company’s new aspirations and the Ingenico’s perimeter. Aside from these


Universal Registration Document 2020


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