Worldline - 2020 Universal Registration Document


Gross Financial Investments In 2020, the Group’s net financial investments (amounts paid for financial assets) amounted to € 7.638,0 million represented mainly the acquisition of Ingenico.

Principal Investments Currently Underway and Planned C.9.2

The Group expects its average annual level of capital expenditure for maintaining and upgrading its IT equipment and its software platforms to be between 5% and 6% of revenue in the short and medium term.

As presented in Section A.4.2, Worldline has announced on December 14, 2020 the signing of a major strategic commercial acquiring alliance with ANZ Bank in Australia through a joint venture 51% owned by Worldline. The closing of the transaction is expected in Q4 2021.

Property Plant and Equipment C.10


Significant existing or planned property, plant and equipment C.10.1

As of December 31, 2020, the Group held property, plant and equipment with a total net value of approximately € 236.4 million, consisting mainly of the equipment (particularly information technology equipment) used in its production centers, more specifically its data centers. The Group leases almost all of its property & plant while IT equipment is generally purchased. Property, plant and equipment held or leased by the Group consists primarily of the following: Administrative buildings and offices for the Group’s ● administrative and commercial needs, in all of the countries in which the Group operates. The principal sites leased are located in France (in particular the Seclin site where its biggest operational unit is based as well as the Bezons and Paris sites, where the Company has its registered offices), in Belgium, in Switzerland, in the Netherlands, in Italy, in Germany, in Sweden, in Spain, in Luxembourg, in Poland, in Austria, in the United Kingdom, in the USA, in China, in Singapore, and in Australia and New Zealand; The Group’s principal data centers are located in France (at ● its Seclin site) as well as at its Vendôme only owned building site, in Belgium (at its Brussels site, in Luxembourg, and in Germany at its Frankfurt site). The Group leases data centers facilities in France, in the

Netherlands, in Italy, in Luxembourg, in Germany, in Sweden, in Spain, in Turkey, in the USA, in Canada, in Argentina, in Australia, in New Zealand, and in India. In Spain and the United Kingdom the Group is also buying some infrastructures services from Atos. In Switzerland the Group is buying infrastructures services from SIX Group. The Group also rents, from third parties connected with its own data centers, four European telecommunications centers (located in France, Belgium and Germany). Lastly, the Group uses on-demand infrastructures from public cloud providers, among others Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure; Technical data center infrastructure, furniture, equipment ● (primarily information technology equipment) and data center servers, which the Group owns through its local subsidiaries; Terminals preparation and maintenance centers in France, ● Italy, Belgium, Luxemburg, and the United Kingdom; Assembly plant in the United Kingdom for the manufacture ● of kiosks. The Group believes that the usage rate of its various tangible fixed assets is consistent with its activity and projected growth, as well as with its current and planned investments.

Universal Registration Document 2020


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