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Notwithstanding the Group’s multi-source policy, one Additionally, if necessary, Faraday/UMC has the ability to important component has a single supplier: the innovative manufacture the Chip at multiple factories, initiate production Samoa II application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC). The and deliver the chips within three months.

Chip is used in the majority of current models of the Group’s payment Terminals range. This chip is sourced from Faraday/UMC, which manufactures it to the Group’s specifications in the context of a long-standing relationship agreement. To safeguard this supply , ht e Group ensures that Faraday/UMC, at all times, maintains a stock of Chips that is sufficient enough to cover several months’ supply needs.

For the next generation terminals the Group choose to use standard CPU and security IC’s. A new platform is in development and market introduction is expected late 2020. These standard components will be purchased from established well known IC manufactures: TI (Texas Instruments), NXP and Broadcom.

Investments C.9

Investments of 2020 C.9.1

Investments in shared infrastructures. The Group invested a total of € 57.0 million in 2020 in shared infrastructure – infrastructure that is not dedicated to a single client – which consists principally of software, servers, network and storage equipment; Investments in infrastructure dedicated to specific clients. The Group invested a total of € 25.1 million in 2020 in dedicated equipment for specific clients (principally dedicated servers and terminals leased to clients). The following table shows capital expenditures (purchases of tangible and intangible assets) by type of expenditure for the periods indicated.

In 2020, the Group’s total capital expenditures (purchases of tangible and intangible assets recorded on the balance sheet) were € 155.3 million. These capital expenditures comprised principally: Capitalized production costs. Capitalized production costs, which relate to the IT platforms core to the Group’s products, totaled € 59.7 million in 2020. This amount was invested primarily in software development in three main areas: (i) creating new products or improving existing products with new features (ii) rendering the Group’s processing platform compliant with SEPA Regulations and the development of new functionalities in lines with the DSP2, (iii) developing new line of payment terminals.

12 months ended December 31, 2020

12 months ended December 31, 2019

(In € million)

Capitalized production



Development of new software platforms Development of software for specific customers





IT Platform



Total capitalized production



Other purchases of tangible and intangible assets



Shared infrastructure Dedicated infrastructure

57.0 25.1 13.5 95.6





Total other purchases of tangible and intangible assets


Total capital expenditures (purchases of tangible and intangible assets)




Universal Registration Document 2020

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