Worldline - 2020 Universal Registration Document



This approach has enabled the Group to work closely together with a large number of global brands, Subway (across Europe), McDonalds and Accor (France), Carrefour (France and Belgium), Adidas and Sephora (Sephora Flash), BRAX (Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands), QPark, HotelNetSolutions (Germany), O2 (e-Kasa in Czech Republic and Slovakia) and many others. The Group is well positioned to build long-standing relationships with these multi-national merchants, developing tailored value added services and solutions to accommodate their changing needs as technology and trends in consumer behavior evolve. In addition, many of the services provided in the Mobility & e-Transactional Services line, are highly innovative and, Worldline leverages its expertise in the areas of: payments, business processes digitization, large transaction processing and data analysis, to help companies and government entities

to face the strategic challenges brought by the “digital revolution”. The Group considers this a major competitive advantage regarding most of its competitors, who often need to form consortia with other industry players in order to provide a similarlywi de range of services, which can lead to issues in terms of allocation of responsibilities and coordination risks and complicate client contractual relationships. Finally, the Group has proven strength with its own intellectual propertyan d Research and Development capabilities, which are key enablers of its capacity for innovation and improvement. From biometrics to blockchain to the Internet of Things, Worldline is on the cutting edge of this new era in payment. In all these areas, Worldline is on the frontline of R&D, partnering with technologycom panies, universities and start-ups to ensure the security of financial data in tomorrow’s connected world.


Universal Registration Document 2020

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