Worldline - 2020 Universal Registration Document


Leading presence in next-generation payment services C.2.3

The payment services market is rapidly evolving and the Group is well placed to capitalize on growth in next generation payment services. Worldline has strong local online acceptance solutions in most countries in Europe, a.o. in France, UK, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Eastern Europe. This is enhanced by its in-house acquiring solutions. The Ingenico acquisition brought an even stronger position in those countries with its POS/in-store processing solutions and it a proven Omnichannel solution for its larger in-store clients. Worldline is expanding its local payment products every day, but has a strong new service with its end-2-end open banking/PSD2 based solution. This overall position is strengthened by multi-currencies online acceptance and collecting solutions providing worldwide coverage. Specific focus is on Latin America and Asia-Pacific, two distinctive online growth areas. In mobile payment solutions, the Group benefits from a technology neutral positioning, serving an array of banks and financial institutions, card payment schemes, merchants and telecommunications providers, and has the flexibility to offer both own-brand and white label solutions. Thanks to a clear strategy and strong R&D, the Group possesses key assets for mobile payment, such as: PCI-DSS card container; ● Strong software authentication (patented); ● Host Card Emulation payment platform (patented); and ● EMVco compliant tokenization platform. ● The Group also offers mPOS devices and mobile payment solutions for tablets, which are targeted at micro merchants, start-ups, and small businesses or specific sectors such as restaurants and movie theatres. Whether through loyalty programs and customer relationship management (CRM) services, solutions that capture “big data” opportunities or other value added services, the Group is continually expanding its portfolio of innovative payment-related solutions for its merchant clients, allowing them to engage with and support their customers throughout

the duration of the merchant-customer relationship – before, during and after the sale. Worldline is pursuing a dual approach in which local presence across many European markets as well as key presence globally is combined with specific merchant/industry vertical attention. Taking a closer look at the various merchant demands regarding payment acceptance and check-out processing, it is increasingly becoming apparent that these are developing based on the specific requirements in the various verticals into which merchants can be categorized into. In order to provide more value for merchants, Worldline has increased its focus on specific merchant verticals. The verticals Worldline selected to provide additional merchant value for are: Retail/Petrol/Travel & Hospitality ● Grocery Retail & Quick Service Restaurants; ● Petrol; ●


Travel & hospitality; ● Channel Partners; ● Specialty retail; ● Self-Service Sales; ● Transportation; ● Vending; ● Parking & EV Charging. ● Digital commerce E-Travel & airlines; ● Marketplaces & B2B; ● E-Retail; ● Digital Goods & Services; ● Gaming & Entertainment; ● FX. ●

Universal Registration Document 2020


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