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DESCRIPTION OF THE GROUP’S BUSINESS Description of the Group’s four Business Lines services

Payment Software Licensing The client’s staff operates and hosts the application environment based on softw aredelivered by the Group. The Group’s main software solutions include WL Pay Front-Office, WL Pay Online Watcher & Fraud Case Management, WL Pay Issuer Back-Office, Cristal Payment & Liquidity Hub, WL Loyalty, Cardlink II and ASCCEND. In addition to the software itself, the Group can also provide all the required resources and support to customize the final product and integrate the software in the client’s environment.

facilities and servers of the Group and system management is performed by highly qualified IT staff.

Application management The Group provides operational application management services and is managing the operation, maintenance, versioning and upgrading of the software solutions. By using best practices, techniques and procedures the Group ensures for a deployed application optimal operation, performance and efficiency. No in-house expertise is required at the client site for operational application management.

Hosting services

The Group provides hosting services for financial institutions. Software solutions are deployed at certified datacenter

Mobility & e-Transactional Services C.1.4

Hence Mobility & e-Transactional Services is targeting those markets that are impacted by the same structural changes than the payment market is facing: the move from paper to digital, the revolution in customer engagement created by Digital, the need for secured business critical transactions, the drive towards social mobility supporting climate repair and to comply w ith regulation.

The Global Business Line Mobility & e-Transactional Services is leveraging Worldline core payment capabilities and regulatory expertise to capture in real-time high volume transactions, authenticate and secure, process business critical bi-directional transactions and archive (fraud management, regulation).


•From Paper to Digital •Customer Engagement digital revolution • Secure business critical transactions • Comply with regulations

•Capture in real-time high volume transactions •Authenticate and secure •Process business critical bi-directional transactions • Archive (fraud management, regulation)


Current focus


Target Markets Impacted by structural factors


Leveraging WL core payment capabilities and regulatory expertise

Paperless secured systems demand Government • Health

Digital Ticketing Transport • Cities

IoTandPayment Manufacturer • Insurance


Universal Registration Document 2020

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