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DESCRIPTION OF THE GROUP’S BUSINESS Description of the Group’s four Business Lines services

Clearing & Settlement The Group operates a highly scalable Automated Clearing House platform and provides SEPA Credit Transfers (SCT), SEPA Direct Debits (SDD) and Instant Payments (SCT Inst) services as well as supporting domestic payment schemes in local currencies for financial institutions, communities of financial institutions and central banks. The Group ensures full market reach across Europe and beyond (ISO 20022). Worldline offers reach through an Inter-CSM network of ACHs based on the EACHA (European Automated Clearing House Association) interoperability framework, and by facilitating a link to the EBA network and TIPS (ECB). The Group has established reach to the USA through a partnership with the Federal Reserve Banks. Access to SWIFT, a secure messaging network used by banks, financial institutions and corporates, is essential for sending and receiving urgent, high-value and international payments. As a provider of SWIFT bureau services, the Group enables banks and corporate clients to gain access to the SWIFT network and services. The Group offers a newfull y managed service to meet the needs of banks. Outsourcing of SWIFT and other financial messaging channels (Next Generation Financial Messaging) is a realistic and attractive option for banks and corporate clients that previously operated their SWIFT infrastructures in-house. Liquidity management The Group offers Basel 3-compliant intraday liquidity management solutions featuring liquidity forecast, real-time monitoring of available assets and positions, control of payment outflow and metrics for regulatory reporting. Worldline’s solutions are used by banks to monitor and distribute their liquidity across the various market compartments, to secure their timely settlement obligations and to proactively manage intraday liquidity risks. Key benefits include reduction of liquidity buffers and collateral requirements as well as reduction of the related fund transfer pricing. Next Generation Financial Messaging (NGFM) and SWIFT

focused operating models and they require a higher level of innovation and security from their payment service provider. Transactions need to be fully digitalized and accessible remotely. Additionally, the smartphone’s hegemony and the increased presence of cloud services have changed customer expectations. They are more connected, better informed and experienced in digital commerce. Customers want transparent banking services which need to be more accessible than ever. The Group helps financial institutions to strengthen their digital proposition for customers with advanced and innovative digital services including Digital Bankin g Platform, Mobile Banking, Open Banking, Mobile Wallets, Trusted Transactions, and Trading System & Financial Information. A few examples of clients in the Digital Services area are: ABN AMRO, BNP Paribas, Société Générale, and UniCredit. Digital Banking Platform The Group’s flexible and modular Digital Banking Platform provides the back-end that supports fast channel development as well as engaging front-end services such as chatbot based conversational banking. As-a-service layer, composed of a collection of business enablers, the digital platform enables simple data coming from the bank information system or third-party to be processed, valued and properly displayed on the mobile or web applications. The platform allows customers to consult account balances, transfer funds, consult stock prices and purchase securities, interact with financial advisors, consult digital versions of account documents and many other banking services. The Group’s Digital Banking Platform service portfolio consists of Trusted Interactions (Secure Messaging and collaborative workspace between clients and advisors), Card Control, Trusted Authentication, Digital Preservation (e-archiving/e-safe), Digitization (e-contract) and WL Contact. Mobile Banking The Group offers an innovative and comprehensive catalog of services to build a unique customer experience, whether on a smartphone or tablet and for any operating system ( e.g. iOS, Android or Responsive Web Design). Based on an agile Digital Banking platform, the Group’s solution boosts innovation in terms of payments, security and bank account management. The Group’s mobile banking solution includes comprehensive and “easy-to-integrate” mobile services (SDK, API) for security (WL Trusted Authentication, Fraud Detection), payments (Wallets, P2P, NFC Payment, QR code, Payment Modulator, Instant Payments) and channel solutions (Alias Conversion, White-Label Mobile Banking App). The Group’s extensive expertise in the field of digital and mobile banking is also available to develop bespoke client services.

Digital Services C.1.3.4

In this digital age, the move towards a cashless society is gathering pace every day, and has accelerated due to the Covid-19 crisis. More and more businesses shift to digitally


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