Worldline - 2020 Universal Registration Document


DESCRIPTION OF THE GROUP’S BUSINESS Description of the Group’s four Business Lines services

Mobile app and web portal. Mobile apps, in w hcih all ● self-service functionalities to manage payment card transactions are integrated, are becoming the predominant way to communicate between issuers and cardholders. The Group offers a white-label app that integrates its issuing processing services APIs as w ell as APIs based on specific client requirements. The offering can be enhanced with the integration of the Group’s Trusted Authentication solution to ensure compliance with PSD2 requirements regarding strong authentication. The same services are also offered via a white-label banking portal. Token-based digital payments. The Group offers a unified ● approach for token-based payments in stores, in-apps and on the web, for international payment schemes. This service complements the mobile app solution by adding Xpay (Google, Apple) payment capability to it. The Group facilitates integration of Token Service Providers with issuer platforms (I-TSP), provides a token requestor platform for digital wallet providers (TR-TSP) and offers a Token Service Provider platform for payment schemes. Person-to-person payments (P2P). The Group provides a ● modular white-label mobile P2P solution, which can be customized to reflect the look and feel of the issuing bank. Various funding methods can be implemented based on customer demand. Through the P2P APIs, the service can also be integrated into an existing mobile banking app. The app is available for the most recent Android and iOS devices and can be extended to further platforms on request. The standard service can easily be enhanced with value-added services like payment requests (invite). Identity, Trust & Authentication Solutions The growing number of digital financial services provides users with immediate, universal access to services that meet their daily needs. However, this also entails risks; there has been an increase in fraud cases related to identity theft. Also, open banking creates new demands for strongly authenticating the customers. Faced with these threats and regulatory requirements, the Group offers service providers and banks appropriate tools for securing their customer transactions and provides Strong Customer Authentication across all channels. Key solutions are Authentication Process Management, Trusted Authentication, Access Control Server, Mobile Intrusion Protection and Payment Modulator.

Authentication Process Management. Providers of digital ● services face multiple security threats while having to maintain a positive user experience. This can result in various authentication methods and processes for different services. The Group’s Authentication Process Management solution provides a consistent authentication policy, allowing the same customer experience for each service and channel, while reducing the cost of strong authentication. Trusted Authentication. The Group has developed trusted ● authentication to secure any kind of online access in an intuitive, effective and user-friendly way. It automatically adapts to the context and the required security level. It offers different authentication methods, such as pin-entry, fingerprint, voice and face recognition. Access Control Server. The Group provides a PCI-DSS ● compliant solution that enables the implementation of the EMV 3-D Secure protocol and strong authentication for e/m-commerce. The solution has a rich panel of authentication methods and fraud prevention tools. It provides cardholders with a user-friendly interface and trusted authentication method. Additionally, the Group offers enhanced back-office tools and fraud prevention services for bank administrators and customer services. Mobile Intrusion Protection. The award-winning Mobile ● Intrusion Protection service provides local and remote protection of the mobile app, helping to reduce fraud from smartphones. It protects the mobile app and its data, at rest and during processing. Acquiring Solutions C.1.3.2 The Group supports smart processing of POS, e-commerce, mobile and ATM transactions. Worldline’s reliable, secure, 24/7 acquiring service portfolio will let acquirers conduct payments and complete transactions with major international card schemes, local European card schemes and multi-currencies across a wide range of payment devices and protocols. The Group’s modular portfolio offers acquirers the opportunity to choose services à la carte and includes, amongst others, Core Acquiring Processin g, WL Pay Front-Office and ATM Management. A few examples of clients in the acquiring business area are: ABN AMRO, BNP Paribas, and PSA Payment Services Austria.


Universal Registration Document 2020

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