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DESCRIPTION OF THE GROUP’S BUSINESS Description of the Group’s four Business Lines services

The Financial Services Global Business Line is grouped in four business areas and operates under two brands, equensWorldline and Worldline: Issuing Solutions; ● Acquiring Solutions; ● Account Payments; ● Digital Services. ● Worldline Financial Services is consolidating payment processing in Europe. The Group has approximately 126 million payment cards under management and processes circa 9.6 billion issuing transactions and circa 17.9 billion account payment transactions per annum. Worldline Financial Services has leading market positions in key European geographic markets including France, Germany, Benelux, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and the Baltics. Its client base includes numerous tier-1 financial institutions such as BNP Paribas, Commerzbank, Société Générale and UniCredit. Worldline Financial Services is also present outside of Europe. The Group offers Software Licensing solutions to financial institutions throughout LATAM, Africa and Asia-Pacific region. Financial Services generated revenue of € 904 million in 2019 with an OMDA of € 282 million (31.2% of revenue). Issuing Solutions C.1.3.1 The Group offers a broad variety of solutions along the entire issuing value chain. The Group’s issuing portfolio includes, amongst others, end-to-end issuing processing and fraud risk management. The Group’s principal clients within the Issuing Business area include BNP Paribas Fortis, ABN AMRO, and PSA Payment Services Austria. End-to-end Issuing Processing The Group enables financial institutions and fintech companies in their journey for card-based payments by offering a complete end-to-end set of services across the entire issuing value chain. The proposition supports multiple types of payment cards (credit, debit, prepaid, corporate, and cobranded) both physical cards and tokenized virtual cards. The journey starts with the digital onboarding of the client, the possibility to instantly issue a virtual card (that can be used immediately), the request to produce the card and the complete processing of the transaction, from authorization, fraud prevention and detection, to clearing & settlement, posting and reporting. The offering empowers cardholders by supporting many functionalities for card control ( e.g. limit changes, channel management, blocking services). A complete set of APIs are offered to the issuer for quick integration in the banking applications (web-based digital banking and mobile app).

The Group’s robust, industrial scale processing systems are designed to securely, reliably and efficiently handle large transaction volumes with minimal lag times and include interfaces that allow the issuer to monitor the status of authorizations and transactions. The Group also complements this offer with on-behalf authorization solutions, where the Group stands in whenever the issuer is unavailable. In addition to technical processing of transactions, the Group offers solutions to outsource every stage of the card life cycle, including application management, card issuance and personalization, statement production, chargebacks processing, settlement and call-center support. Fraud risk management The digital economy has created new fraud risks and companies face a number of challenges in this respect. The first challenge is to find the best strategy to reduce fraud losses, with the right balance between internal solutions and outsourcing. Besides that, continuously changing fraud patterns require quick response actions in the rules & algorithms applied to prevent and detect fraud and in the decisions taken to contain it. Finally, changing regulatory requirements need to be known and adhered to. In facing all these challenges, financial institutions can benefit from the Group’s expertise. Worldline has a broad understanding of the market, is able to link powerful tools to highly skilled experts and offers fraud risk management solutions including modules like WL Online Watcher and WL Fraud Case Management. The Group offers a complete issuing and acquiring fraud solution, including online detection, fraud prevention and case management analysis (using rule based as well as artificial intelligence solutions). Fraud detection process is integrated in the authorization flow to have an immediate react during the process (like deny the transaction, send an alert). These services include real-time fraud detection and alert management, the creation and management of rules, the deployment of the rules for alert creation and the operational handling of alerts. For fraud detection, these services analyze the nature of a transaction, a customer’s behavior profile and other data to help identifying suspicious transactions made with a payment device. The Group’s Fraud risk management solutions are provided both to the issuing side and to the acquiring side of payments. Digital Enablement Services The Group understands the challenges financial institutions face in adjusting to constantly changing digital requirements and it can support them with a comprehensive and future-proof digital payment portfolio. Key digital enablement services are mobile apps, token-based digital payments and person-to-person payments.


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