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THE PAYMENT INDUSTRY Other solutions in and around the payment value chain

Other solutions in and around the payment B.3 value chain

addition to the core payment processing services described above, the payment services ecosystem also includes a series of “extended” stand-alone or value-added services to traditional merchants and banks designed to help them grow their businesses and generate additional payment transactions. Such services include but are not limited to the following:

Solutions for Traditional Merchants B.3.1


Omni-commerce Solutions. Omni-commerce service ● providers assist retailers in designing, implementing and enhancing online and mobile services and integrating them to provide cross channel sales experiences that allow consumers to seamlessly transition between a retailer’s physical, online and mobile stores. These services may include solutions such as electronic engagement wallet services to capture and leverage consumer data and digital signage and other solutions that bring aspects of the online commerce experience into the retailer’s physical store environment; Loyalty Program Solutions. Loyalty programs help retailers ● build customer relationships and reward customers for their loyalty and provide retailers withvaluabl e insights and sales promotion opportunities by leveraging data about customer behavior gathered through the program. In most cases, these programs are based on loyalty cards tied to a specific brand. To help implement these programs and leverage loyalty program data, merchants often turn to outside service providers for assistance in enrolling customers, tracking purchases, analyzing the resulting data and assisting with sales promotion; Digital Wallet Services . Banks often turn to outside service ● providers for assistance in designing, implementing and running their electronic wallet systems, which allow for online and mobile payments. Digital wallets, combined with tokenization services, are increasingly a must-have service offering for banks as they seek to respond to wallet-based solutions offered by bank and non-bank competitors, and to seize the customer engagement and targeted marketing opportunities electronic wallets offer; Fraud Detection and Prevention Services . The detection ● and prevention of fraud is an ongoing battle across all channels and all payment instruments. As a result continued investments in fraud-fighting technologies are Value-Added Services for Banks B.3.2

Private Label Card Issuer Solutions. Private label cards ● are payment cards used by retailers to extend credit or provide prepaid gift cards to their customers. The largest users of these services are fuel retailers, department stores and consumer electronics retailers. In general, these cards are only accepted as a means of payment by the retailers that have issued them. Many payment service processors that offer issuer processing services also provide card issuing and processing services to retailers; Merchant Wallet. Merchant wallet gives the opportunity to ● a merchant to allow its customers to store their payment means (private label card, universal payment cards such as Visa/MasterCard or non-card based methods) in a secure container accessible from the merchant mobile application. Merchant wallet also encompasses orchestrator and business rules allowing a full mobile purchasing (payment+hardware management) kinematic for all kind of services in the point of sales (cash register indoor, fuel, car wash & charging outdoor). Merchant wallet is an accelerator for merchants’ mobile centric strategies and boosts the usage of their mobile application. It also generates a large range of customers’ data. required to stay one step ahead of continually evolving fraud patterns. Authentication Services. Authentication service providers ● offer banks solutions to provide more secure methods of authenticating cardholders such as 3-D Secure or biometrics; Data Analytics and Card-Linked Offers . Data analytics ● and card-linked offer services provide banks with data mining solutions that can be used to analyze cardholder payment data to propose targeted offers to cardholders like digital marketing or real time loyalty (as well as to merchants, when permitted by local regulators).

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