Worldline - 2020 Universal Registration Document


In this Registration Document, the terms the “Company” or “Worldline” mean the Worldline SA parent company itself. The terms the “Group” and “Worldline Group” mean Worldline SA and its consolidated subsidiaries, collectively. Unless otherwise indicated, the terms “Atos” and the “Atos group” mean Atos SE and its consolidated subsidiaries other than those dedicated to electronic payment and transactional services and other Worldline activities. Forward-looking statements This Registration Document contains statements regarding the prospects and growth strategies of the Group. These statements are sometimes identified by the use of the future or conditional tense, or by the use of forward-looking terms such as “considers”, “envisages”, “believes”, “aims”, “expects”, “intends”, “should”, “anticipates”, “estimates”, “thinks”, “wishes” and “might”, or, if applicable, the negative form of such terms and similar expressions or similar terminology. Such information is not historical in nature and should not be interpreted as a guarantee of future performance. Such information is based on data, assumptions, and estimates that the Group considers reasonable. Such information is subject to change or modification based on uncertainties in the economic, financial, competitive or regulatory environments. This information is contained in several sections of this Registration Document and includes statements relating to the Group’s intentions, estimates and targets with respect to its markets, strategies, growth, results of operations, financial situation, and liquidity. The Group’s forward looking statements speak only as of the date of this Registration Document. Absent any applicable legal or regulatory requirements, the Group expressly disclaims any obligation to release any updates to any forward looking statements contained in this Registration Document to reflect any change in its expectations or any change in events, conditions or circumstances, on which any forward looking statement contained in this Registration Document is based. The Group operates in a competitive and rapidly evolving environment; it is therefore unable to anticipate all risks, uncertainties or other factors that may affect its business, their potential impact on its business or the extent to which the occurrence of a risk or combination of risks could have significantly different results from those set out in any forward-looking statements, it being noted that such forward-looking statements do not constitute a guarantee of actual results. Information incorporated by reference In accordance with the requirements of article 19 of EU Regulation 2017/1129 dated June 14, 2017 relating to documents issued by issuers listed on markets of states members of the European Union, the following elements are enclosed by reference: The consolidated accounts for the year ended December 31, ● 2019 under IFRS as adopted by the European Union; The related Statutory Auditors’ report; and ● The related Group management report; ● presented within the 2019 Registration Document (“Document d’Enregistrement Universel”) n° D.20-0411 filed with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) on April 29, 2020. The consolidated accounts for the year ended December 31, ● 2018 under IFRS as adopted by the European Union;

The related Statutory Auditors’ report; and ● The related Group management report; ●

presented within the 2018 Registration Document (“Document de Référence”) n° D.19-0185 filed with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) on March 21, 2019..

Information from third parties, expert certifications and interest declarations Certain information found in this Registration Document comes from third-party sources. The Company certifies that this information has been, to the best of its knowledge, faithfully reproduced and that to the knowledge of the Company based on the data published or provided by these sources, no fact has been omitted that would render this information inaccurate or misleading. Information on the Market and Competitive Environment This Registration Document contains, in particular in Chapter B, “The Payment Industry”, information relating to the Group’s markets and to its competitive position. Some of this information comes from research conducted by outside sources. This publicly available information, which the Company believes to be reliable, has not been verified by an independent expert, and the Company cannot guarantee that a third party using different methods to collect, analyze or compute market data would arrive at the same results. Unless otherwise indicated, the information contained in this Registration Document related to market shares and the size of relevant markets are the Group’s estimates and are provided for illustrative purposes only. Risk Factors Investors should carefully consider the risk factors in Chapter F, “Risk analysis”. The occurrence of all or any of these risks could have an adverse effect on the Group’s business, reputation, results of operation, financial condition or prospects. Furthermore, additional risks that have not yet been identified or that are not considered material by the Group at the date of the visa on this Registration Document could produce adverse effects Glossary A glossary defining certain technical terms used in this Registration Document can be found in Chapter H. Global Reporting Initiative («GRI») [GRI 102-54] Claims of reporting in accordance with the GRI Standards Since Worldline is a member of the Global Reporting Initiative (“GRI”) of references to the GRI codification have been inserted at the relevant sections of this Registration Document using the format [GRI-x]. These references follow the structure of the GRI Content Index presented in the Worldline CSR report, and allowidenti fying GRI Standards and Specific disclosures in the Registration Document and CSR. More information about the Content Index Table that establishes a cohesive approach between Worldline’s initiatives, our contribution to the SDGs and the GRI standards can be found at our-commitment.html.This report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: “Comprehensive option”.


Universal Registration Document 2020

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