Worldline - 2020 Universal Registration Document

EXTRA-FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF PERFORMANCE Reducing our environmental footprint

R&O monitoring/ mitigation actions

Worldline main climate gross R&O for 2030

R&O description and main consequences IT for Green: ●

Likelihood Magnitude of impact Financial impact IT for Green: Likelihood: Likely Magnitude: high Financial impact: 2.69 € million in 2030 Green (for) IT: Likelihood: Likely Magnitude: Medium Financial impact: 44 € million in 2030

Opportunity 1&2

IT for Green: Identify ● and prioritise relevant solutions that could contribute to the MaaS market offer (open-payment, e-Ticketing , etc.). IT for Green: Partner ● with relevant actors and start-ups to build a competitive offer. Green (for) IT: ● Assess and improve the eco-design of solutions (through lifecycle assessment, trainings, etc.), especially regarding software programming. To note, Worldline has not estimate the financial impact of the Green (for) IT opportunity as it is a new topic with limited available literature and data on the topic. Switch progressively ● all electricity consumption to renewable energy sources and explore alternative models such as leasing or partnership with electricity providers. This opportunity is ● not restricted to self-generation but also assesses the potential benefits of new procurement strategy.

Low carbon services

developing new mobility services enables GHG emissions reduction through optimised public transport, etc. The development of the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platforms and their payment apps in Europe cities could beneficiate Worldline MTS offers and increase the revenue of this business line. emission goods and services (energy efficiency, sustainable production, etc.) that could enable Worldline to better position in a market of growing consumer preferences towards eco-friendly products. both from upcoming regulations and taxes on fossil fuels from one side, and the decrease in solar electricity price Development Scenario (SDS) from the other side, switching towards renewable energy would be beneficial in all nearly all Worldline geographies. by 2030 in a Sustainable real-time route planning, use of Green (for) IT: ● developing low


Opportunity 3

Likelihood: Very likely Magnitude: medium-low Financial impact: 2.6 € million in 2030

Renewable electricity Given the estimates rise in global prices of non-renewable energy,

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