Worldline - 2020 Universal Registration Document


EXTRA-FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF PERFORMANCE Reducing our environmental footprint

Worldline main climate gross R&O for 2030

R&O description and main consequences The forecasted ●

Likelihood Magnitude of impact Financial impact Likelihood: About as likely as not and Magnitude: medium-low Financial impact: 0.35 € million in 2030

R&O monitoring/ mitigation actions

Physical acute risk 1

Heavy rains and flooding

Continue to factor ● climate change risks in the site selection criteria. In worst-case scenario RCP8.5 (or high GHG emission), no Worldline’s datacentres (DC) would be exposed to flooding risks due to their location, covering ~85% of Worldline revenue. Monitor third-party ● DC and generalise business continuity plan for data recuperation and duplication process. Worldline has developed and refined extensive business continuity strategies and processes for critical contracts in its data centres so that in the event of any “disaster”, the Company is able to transfer services from alternative locations. Worldline uses a ● Safety and Emergency Response Tool (SERT) that is activated in areas where an event has occurred that could put employees’ safety at risk.

increase in heavy rains and associated flooding poses a potential risk for Worldline direct activities as it could cause service disruption resulting in loss of activity, notably in third-party data centres located in risk prone area. Interruptions in supply chain could also reduce production capacity and the revenue. Impact on offices are ● limited notably due to the possibility of remote working and site location selection in safe areas.


Universal Registration Document 2020

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