Worldline - 2020 Universal Registration Document


EXTRA-FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF PERFORMANCE Reducing our environmental footprint

Environment eLearning. In 2020, Worldline redesigned its ● environmental eLearning. This new eLearning is being progressively deployed worldwide addressing the key environmental challenges of its sector through its sustainability programme. Worldline supports environmental scientific research through Under The Pole expedition Since end of 2017, Worldline has committed to support an ambitious scientist research programme on four years to accelerate research and help protect the environment by bringing its technological expertise. This sponsorship is also an opportunity to raise awareness among its employees. This scientific programme takes the form of The under the Pole (UTP) III submarine expedition. This expedition was created to develop exploration projects combining science, innovation and awareness and responding to major environmental issues. As part of its skill sponsorship, Worldline is providing UTP with its dedicated media management solution and hosting the data on a dedicated server in one of its data centre, which has enabled the UTP team as from September 2019 to archive, store, classify and share all the medias assets (videos and pictures) collected during the expeditions in a centralised and secured way. The solution also improves the media access thanks to an indexing system in order to ease the work of the scientific community as well as of the film directors so Worldline can learn more about these exceptional marine ecosystems and protect them. This storage is done on an industrial scale as the team has uploaded 41 terabytes of data during their previous voyages and can upload up to 200 additional terabytes from their upcoming adventures. Since 2018, Worldline leveraged this sponsorship to raise awareness among its employees on key environmental issues such as global warming through several global newsletters and the organisation of an event with UTP and Explore teams at its new Rennes site, notably celebrating the launch of the Worldline media management solution. In 2020, due to the Covid-19, Worldline was unfortunately not able to organise an event.

Eventually, during the 2020 financial year, Worldline was not fined or subject to any administrative, legal or arbitration proceedings (including those of which Worldline is aware and which could pose a threat to the Company) that could significantly impact Worldline’s financial position or profitability. The Company confirms that it complies fully with local environmental regulations [GRI 419-1] .

An environmental awareness D. that includes all employees

Local and global initiatives to encourage eco-friendly behaviours in office. In 2020, despite the specific Covid-19 pandemic, Worldline implemented several initiatives to increase its employees’ awareness on environmental issues and encourage them to actively adopt eco-responsible behaviours aimed at reducing the environmental impact of their site. Internal communications are also regularly made to share Worldline’s sustainability strategy, commitments and achievements through newsletters as well as through different events presented as follow: The 2020 European Sustainable Development Week ● (ESDW) event, which involved many employees on different CSR issues, including environmental challenges such as energy consumption. During this event, several global webinars were organised targeting all employees. This event was grouped with the Mobility week and took place in September. In France, a countrywide webinar was organised jointly with EDF and DALKIA to present Worldline green energy contract and latest data centre technologies. The Group data centre manager also presented the latest investments done by the Group in its data centres: free cooling and new chilling technologies; The 2020 European Mobility Week event. During this ● event of September 2020, Worldline suggested a series of local initiatives to employees organised by groups of volunteers in each location to suggest alternative and more sustainable mobility solutions. All European countries participated to the event, with even initiatives in India;


Universal Registration Document 2020

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