Worldline - 2020 Universal Registration Document

EXTRA-FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF PERFORMANCE Ensuring business ethics within our value chain

Specific initiatives relating to D.4.5.2

In France, Worldline has been a faithful partner of the Téléthon for almost 20 years, providing its multi-channel secure payment gateway for donations made by credit cards online or by mobile devices free of charge all year long. This great solidarity initiative is possible due to employee involvement: approximately 40 volunteers help make the event a success every year. During periods of lockdown, Worldline employees have shown their support to hospitals. In France, employees adept of 3D printing created visors for healthcare personnel. In total, more than 320 visors were distributed in 8 hospitals. In Belgium, 2 ventilators were donated to hospitals and employees helped the funding of a third ventilator through the donation of part or all of their meal vouchers. Other initiatives fostering social D.4.5.4 well-being in local communities (non-exhaustive list) Worldline has a wide set of other voluntary social initiatives destined to the society in general, which focuses on social impacts and community well-being. Through various initiatives, Worldline also promotes social inclusion among its employees to encourage them to get involved. For example, Worldline France has been organising for six years the programme Engagement associatif (Associative involvement), whose purpose is to encourage the social commitment of employees who are involved or wish to be involved in association projects with a social dimension. If a project is selected by the jury, employees are allowed some time to contribute to it during their work time and 30 days were offered by Worldline in 2020. For more information on how Ingenico contributes to the local development, please consult Chapter 3.9 of its extra-financial performance declaration.

digital inclusion and employability through skill sponsorship (non-exhaustive list)

Worldline employees volunteer their time and share their knowledge, skills and expertise of the IT industry in schools in order to provide equal access to education (girls and boys) and fight against social exclusion. In 2020, Worldline Belgium raised money for Digital4Youth. This charity is committed to ensuring that all young adults in Belgium have access to information and communication technologies. In October, Worldline and Bancontact initiated the Customer Weekend, on which each contactless Bancontact transaction made on a Worldline payment terminal; part of the transaction cost was donated to Digital4Youth. This initiative helped raised 20,000€. Since 2011, Worldline have in France a partnership with Energie Jeunes , a non-profit organisation which aim is to fight school drop-out in secondary schools located in underprivileged neighbourhoods and to encourage teenagers to persevere in their studies, while fighting their sense of “failure”. Since 2020, Worldline is committed to offering 5 days-off per school year to employees who wants to get involved in Energy Jeunes’ actions. This year, 11 employees were trained to raise awareness within secondary school pupils about school drop-out. Specific initiatives relating to D.4.5.3 health and contribution to social welfare (non-exhaustive list) In Belgium, Worldline once again gave its financial and technological support to the Breast International group (BIG) for the initiative BIG Time for Baby. It is an international non-profit organisation that forms the world’s largest network of academic research groups against breast cancer. The BIG Time for Baby study enables young women with breast cancer to plan their treatment, in order to allow for the conception of a child.


Universal Registration Document 2020


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