Worldline - 2020 Universal Registration Document

EXTRA-FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF PERFORMANCE Ensuring business ethics within our value chain

Other initiatives to increase CSR awareness and performance among key suppliers The implementation of Worldline Sustainable Procurement strategy may also entail a deepened dialogue with key suppliers. In this regard, since 2019, Worldline has conducted ad hoc one-to-one interviews with specific suppliers on CSR topics (low EcoVadis score, environmental concerns, etc.). These meetings aim at assessing their CSR maturity through concrete commitments and/or identifying how to implement best CSR practices within their commercial offer (buying more sustainable food, reducing packaging waste, etc.). Besides, as stipulated in the CSR clause, Worldline can decide to perform on-site audits to its suppliers if a need is identified following the different CSR assessments (questionnaire, EcoVadis score, screening). The CSR criteria can be added to audits carried out by the Industrialisation and quality management team on request from the Procurement department. The audit team would then require the supplier to

provide information at minimum about its health and safety management, its safety policy, and whether or not it complies with the Business partner’s commitment to integrity . In case of serious non-compliance with the principles of the charter, the supplier shall report to Worldline within one week after the discovery. Within one month after the reporting of this non-compliance, the supplier will determine an appropriate action plan to become compliant and Worldline will determine with the supplier an appropriate timeline for its implementation. Finally, Worldline plans to implement new actions in 2021 relating to supplier CSR awareness, such as encouraging its key suppliers to set their own Science-Based Targets to reduce their GHG emissions or proposing e-learning on ethics, corruption, etc. to its main partners. For an overview of the practices and policies in place at Ingenico regarding the responsible procurement and the due diligence in the value chain, please consult Chapter 3.8 of its extra-financial performance declaration.

Develop sponsorship and philanthropy in our local communities D.4.5 [GRI 201-1] [GRI 203-1] [GRI 203-2] [GRI 103-1 Economic performance] [GRI 103-1 Indirect economic impact] [GRI 201-4]


Worldline is firmly committed to having a positive impact on the economic and social development of the regions in which it operates. The Company’s ambition goes beyond creating jobs, developing solutions and supplying services for its customers. Indeed, Worldline has been helping local underprivileged communities in its territories through multiple-social initiatives over the years, and articulated around three objectives: Provide social care especially for youth empowerment; ● Promote digital inclusion and employability through skill ● sponsorship; Fight disease and contribute to social welfare. ● Based on the London Benchmark Group model, Worldline has adopted a standard way of assessing its social impact for its

local communities. In 2020 Worldline invested a total of € 629,347 for the social initiatives for local communities and society at large [GRI 201-1] . This amount includes four categories from the London Benchmark Group model: donations to charity and social communities, involvement in responsible IT projects and commercial initiatives for good causes, relationships and partnerships with schools and universities, as well as skill sponsorship. The total amount of € 629,347 includes cash contribution, staff time costs (employee volunteering in working hours), in kind contributions and management costs of the initiatives. Due to the pandemic, many social initiatives historically conducted within Worldline could not be held this year.

KEY RESULTS Indicators








Total community investments (in €)

145,782 67,331 1,272,959 1,254,704 1,381,657 1,509,259 629,347 1

The decrease is due to a scope review between 2019 and 2020, excluding the French apprenticeship tax. 1

Universal Registration Document 2020


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