Worldline - 2020 Universal Registration Document


EXTRA-FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF PERFORMANCE Ensuring business ethics within our value chain

MEMBERSHIP AND FEES Membership and fees

2020 1

Acquiris, a standardisation association for CTAP protocole

205,948 117,432 65,000

EDPIA, the alliance to engage discussion with the European stakeholders Frenchsys, the French standardisation association for the French card scheme

For more information regarding Ingenico’s position on this topic, please consult Chapter 3.1 of its extra-financial performance declaration.

Code of Ethics and Privileged D.4.3.3 information Duty to act in Good Faith, Protection of confidentiality ● and privileged information: Worldline protects both its own confidential information and the information provided by its customers, suppliers and partners (refer to Section D.2.4). Moreover, Worldline sets up rules to prevent insider trading and misconduct. In addition, Worldline ensures that in their decisions and actions, Worldline employees act in good faith, such as refraining from acting in an inappropriate manner of any kind, including disparaging the services provided by the Company to its clients and misappropriating the use of Worldline services and assets for personal benefit. Conflicts of Interest: Worldline undertakes to ensure that ● all decisions taken by anyone of its employees within the framework of professional duty are taken objectively and impartially, in the interest of Worldline and not based on personal interest, whether financial or family. Consequently, employees are asked to inform the Company in the event they would be in a situation of conflict of interest with Worldline’s competitors, partners, customers or suppliers. The Code of Ethics’ principles are not the only mandatory provisions applicable within Worldline. A standard of policies established by the different departments and adopted by the Group, governs each employee activities, who must comply with these rules regarding, in particular, delegations of authority, mandatory contractual clauses for clients and suppliers’ contracts, the selection of potential employees and their training or the selection process for business partners among other requirements.

In order to ensure market transparency and integrity in Worldline securities, the Company aims at providing its investors and shareholders, under conditions that are equal for all, information on its activities and performance. Worldline requires all senior managers or employees having access to critical information to follow special rules, contained in a guide, to prevent insider trading: Insider Trading: The undue use or disclosure of inside ● information constitutes a stock market regulation or legal violation which are liable to criminal, regulatory ( Autorité des Marchés Financiers – AMF) and civil proceedings. Accordingly, no employee shall in particular disclose any inside information to third parties or deal, attempt to deal or recommend or incite dealing in Worldline securities when he or she is in possession of any inside information; Dealing during closed periods: Employees who are likely ● to have access on a regular basis to confidential information must not deal in Worldline securities, whether directly or indirectly, during any “closed period”. A closed period is defined as six weeks prior to the publication of Worldline’s annual financial results, 30 days prior to the publication of Worldline’s half-year statements and four weeks prior to the financial information for the first and third quarters; Hedging of stock-options and performance shares. All ● eligible employees are prohibited to put in place, by means of derivatives or otherwise (right to purchase or sell at a certain price or any other term and conditions) against Worldline stock price changes from their exposure to the potential value of: Stock options they are entitled to until the beginning of ● such options’ exercise period, Performance shares they were awarded, during ● acquisition and blocking periods.

1 Situation on December 31, 2020 post merger with Ingenico based on the organisation in place for 2021.


Universal Registration Document 2020

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