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Promote training & human capital development [GRI 404-1] D.3.4 [GRI 404-2] [GRI 404-3] [GRI 103-2 Indirect Economic Impacts] and [GRI 103-2 Training and Education] To create a competitive advantage, companies need to learn faster than their competitors, organisations need to maintain skills development of its employees to keep the organisation knowledge about new products and processes, understand dynamic and prepared for change. In this regards, Worldline what is happening in the outside environment and produce continuously strives to be a learning company and regularly creative solutions using the knowledge and skills of all within thinks about how to bring learning to its people in different the organisation. Given the critical aspect of learning in an ways. innovative and high-skilled IT company in a context of permanent change, Worldline puts a specific priority on the

Skills development @Worldline [GRI 103-2 Training and Education] and D.3.4.1 [GRI 103-2 Indirect Economic Impacts]

To ensure the quality and relevancy of its trainings, Worldline has set TRUST 2020 objectives in the area of Learning & Development: 90% of its employees need to be satisfied with the trainings provided by the Company by 2020. Thus, on an annual basis, Worldline sends to all its employees a survey related to the classroom training they have performed to assess their satisfaction. Based on the results, Worldline sets and implements an action plan per country to further improve the trainings. In the beginning of 2020, the participation rate to this survey was 20%.

In 2020, 99% of the total workforce across all locations received career -or skills-related training from the Company. For more information on trainings organised by Ingenico, please consult Chapter 2.1.2 of its extra-financial performance declaration.

KEY RESULTS Indicator [GRI404-1]







Average hours of training that employees have undertaken during the year







2020 trainings

2016 trainings

2017 trainings

2018 trainings

2019 trainings

Overall satisfaction with training course Improvement of the required skills enabled by this training course Satisfaction of the quality of the trainer Satisfaction with the training methods used for this training course (f.e. practical work, exercises etc.)? Application of the training knowledge/skills in their current role

86.50% 88.40% 87.75% 89.50%


82.88% 85.57% 86.50% 88.47% 85.42% 88.47% 88.63% 89.73%

87% 91%

80.85% 84.28% 84.58% 86.39%


72.29% 74.62% 87.67% 85.47%


The global Training Plan [GRI 404-1] D. The Worldline Training Plan was developed based on three priority areas: to strengthen the technological expertise (IT delivery) of its employees, enrich the skills of the sales teams, and develop leadership in order to help managers grow in their jobs. Besides, other core trainings form and enforce the basis of Worldline culture. The focus in 2020 was on developing a new Leadership programme and a new Talent Development setup. Due to the Covid-19 situation, learning in general shifted

mainly to the virtual level with new online programmes distributed. 1. Technological expertise/IT delivery Worldline strengthened the technological expertise of its employees by identifying both internal and external certification programmes. The Company offers certification and certification training in the following topics:


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