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3. Variable compensation Worldline believes that financial reward drives behaviour which impacts business results. The objective of the Group short-term bonus plan is to focus managerial effort on the achievement of key objectives that drive shareholder value. In this way, the short-term bonus plan is specifically designed to support the Worldline strategy and sense of purpose by pro-actively driving behaviour required to achieve overall strategic company goals. Worldline’s short-term bonus plan is based on financial criteria (mainly Revenue, OMDA, Free Cash Flow and Order Entry) and non-financial criteria (like Quality and Individual objectives which could include Wellbeing@ work initiatives roll-out for managers). Depending on local constraints and negotiated local collective agreements, deviations from those Group short-term bonus guidelines could apply. In order to secure the full year achievement - in the context of Worldline 3-year strategic plan-, the performance objectives are set and reviewed on a half-year basis. For each performance indicator, the Executive Committee sets: A target the attainment of which results in getting 100% of ● the on-target variable compensation in respect of this indicator; A floor which defines the threshold below which no ● variable compensation for that component is due; A cap which defines the threshold above which the ● variable compensation for that indicator is limited to a ceiling% of its on-target amount; and The elasticity curve which accelerates the amount of the ● variable compensation due upwards and downwards according to the level of achievement of each of the objectives. The bonus objectives are defined and weighted according to the importance of the business objective. Moreover, in order to reinforce the mitigation of the risks relating to unacceptable behaviour: The scope of the financial objectives is determined ● collectively and based on audited financial targets as defined in the Company Budget; The pay-out curves per financial and non-financial ● indicator are capped; Any bonus paid by Worldline can be reclaimed or reduced ● by Worldline when: It has been granted on incorrect information concerning ● the realisation of certain goals and achievements having led to a restatement of the financial results,

In all its actions and decisions related to total reward and recognition awards, Worldline respects and promotes diversity (gender, race, political views, and disability) and is committed to respect internal equality. Worldline regularly conducts benchmarking exercises of its competitors to ensure its competitiveness; both in performance level and structure, and ensure that compensation packages are in line with market practices in every location. 1. Comparison of minimum wages [GRI 202-1] In all the countries in which the Company operates, Worldline’s entry level wage (lowest wage in Worldline paid to a permanent and full-time employee) is above the local minimum wage, in line with local policies. In the 62% of countries where minimum wage is set up by law, Worldline pays at least 50% more than that minimum. 2. Cover for healthcare, benefits for death and disability [GRI 401-2] 100% and 95%, respectively, of health care and disability benefits are offered to permanent employees. In some countries ( e.g. Germany and Austria), the compulsory health insurance is fairly comprehensive, so supplementary medical benefits are generally not necessary. Death benefits are offered to a majority of permanent employees. In some countries ( e.g. Austria and Germany), death benefits are included in the pension plans and provided in the form of a pension for the spouse and children. In other countries, death benefits are mainly provided in the form of lump-sum payments. The principal lump sum amount is sometimes increased according to the family status ( e.g. in France) and could be doubled for a death as a result of an accident in some countries.


Universal Registration Document 2020

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