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Career & Internal Mobility D. Worldline offers a strong set of career alternatives through vertical or lateral promotions to ensure its employees’ growth and long-term employability: management, technical and functional expertise, project management, sales, support functions, etc. As part of the Internal First initiative, The Company’s ambition is that 80% of all hiring is performed internally. This initiative is facilitated by the following actions: Career Days events introducing all tools to support ● employee career development; Career Talks for individually discussing employee career ● objectives, opportunities and needs; Career newsletters informing employees on job ● opportunities; Global communities facilitating access to all job ● opportunities; Job Cafés fostering direct discussions between ● employees, line managers and recruiters. In addition to the managerial career path, other internal career paths have been developed as presented hereinafter. The expert career paths through the Worldline Expert community In 2013, Worldline initiated its Expert Community. Gathered through this community, Worldline experts are provided with numerous opportunities and a stimulating environment to nurture their skills, be recognised internally and externally and evolve in their technical discipline. In addition to a specific training path and mentoring sessions with more experienced peers, they also participate in prestigious international seminars or conferences in technical and scientific fields. Thus, by formalising a career path towards expertise with a dedicated compensation and benefits policy, Worldline experts have the opportunity to progress and be recognised with symmetry of attention compared to managers. In 2020, after the first renewal campaign, the community counted 288 experts from 13 different countries. 19% of the experts who re-applied this year have been promoted to the next expertise level. In 2020, Worldline also strengthened the experts’ international collaboration by setting up a new scalable organisation and prepared the integration of new experts from Ingenico. The sales career paths In 2018, the Worldline Global Sales entity has developed a Sales Career path to support Sales development and evolution across Worldline organisation. All skills have been identified by job category in order to create a matrix of potential development in different job areas in Sales. This provides a reading grid for training path which gives perspective in terms

of career evolution, but also which ensures a continuously fit between people profiles and business needs. International mobility Worldline has always considered international mobility as a key enabler of its business strategy and its employees’ skills development and careers. This strong commitment was illustrated by the appointment of a Head of International Mobility within Worldline whose mission is to define and promote the mobility strategy, support the operational HR teams in this respect and provide support for employees throughout the process. Opportunities for international mobility within Worldline cover international projects, the organisation of multi-country teams, the implementation of offshoring, and talent development programmes. Worldline’s policies and processes are designed to support this strategy.

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Compensation and benefits policy D. [GRI 201-3] Worldline’s Total Remuneration and Recognition Awards Policy are designed to support Worldline Group’s strategic ambition and are in line with the Worldline corporate interest. Worldline relies on its people to achieve its business objectives. In order to attract the most qualified talents of tomorrow on the market, reward performance and innovation collectively and individually, motivate, retain, and accompany employees’ career development within the Company, Worldline has designed an appealing, cost effective, fair, market competitive and flexible total remuneration and recognition awards package, in accordance with the local applicable legislation and in line with its business strategy, objectives, values and long-term interests 1 . Worldline approach to compensation is based on a total package that includes a fixed salary, a variable bonus for eligible employees and essential benefits coverage aligned with market practices and applicable local regulations. First managerial lines of Worldline and key talented experts may also receive Long Term incentives such as stock-options and/or performance shares to associate them with the long-term performance and results of the Company. Worldline is also promoting a success based reward culture through recognition award programmes, enabling managers to immediately reward their teams for exceptional performance or contribution.


1 In developing and implementing its remuneration package, Worldline mitigates the risks related to unacceptable behavior and strives to limit any incentive to take unwanted or undue risks.

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