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Ensure talent attraction & retention D.3.3

As a constantly growing company, attracting and retaining and that are considered as a crucial source of motivation by skilled and enthusiastic people are key. That is why Worldline employees. Other initiatives relating to training and focuses on its employee careers and development as a development programmes are detailed in this document, priority, through several programmes that offer personalised Section D.3.4. career management, internal mobility and support schemes

Talent acquisition@ Worldline [GRI 401-1] D.3.3.1

[GRI 103-2 Indirect Economic Impacts] [GRI 103-2 Employment] and [WL 6]

Worldline’s target is to attract and recruit the best talents, mainly in Information Technologies fields, including expert profiles in Big Data and cyber-security. That is why the Company has made extensive efforts to reinforce its employer brand and to develop close relations with the leading engineering, business schools and universities across its geographies. Its talent acquisition strategy is focused on a three-dimensional action plan as presented hereafter: 1. Being recognised as a first-choice employer To be recognised as a first-choice employer and a learning organisation, Worldline has set up a wide recruiting campaign on different platforms and via career events with the objective to recruit trainees, interns and young graduates, but always with a long-term engagement in mind. To ensure a high-quality workforce by attracting students from leading universities, engineering and business schools, Worldline has launched the Tier 1 Interns & Graduates programme. The goal of the Tier 1 programme is to manage close relationships between targeted universities and schools and an internal volunteer network of approximately fifty alumni members. Being a first choice employer is also ensured by our various certifications such as GPTW and Top employers. At Worldline efforts are made to ensure that our workplace and processes

visibility on social media to appeal talents. In line with this, Worldline acts as a responsible and inclusive employer, with strong focus on gender equity, and has made a commitment through its TRUST 2020 program to appear on seven “Hiring” rankings by 2020. As a leader in the payment and digital industries, the Company is also well-positioned to offer numerous and diversify career development opportunities to its employees. In 2020, 1,202 new hired employees joined the Company around the world, of which 39% are women [GRI 401-1] . Worldline defined a recruitment process inviting candidates to genuinely experience our values and be able to fully show theirs. Therefore a worldliner’s journey starts by discovering a company he/she matches with. 3. Welcoming and on boarding new joiners Building on its long history marked by significant acquisitions, Worldline has developed a solid expertise in newcomers’ welcoming and integration with the objective to ease the on boarding in the Company’s business, culture and values. In this regard in 2020, the Group worked on the Employee Lifecycle project that aims to reinforce the on boarding process and the entire lifecycle at Worldline; with this strong focus on the employee it makes sure that a new joiner has all the necessary materials and access on their first day. This project complements the existing numerous best practices implemented to ensure a successful integration of new joiners, including the distribution of a welcome booklet and the organisation of on-site welcome breakfasts to provide an overview of the Company internal organisation and activities.


are as best as possible for our employees. 2. Attracting top-notch talents through the employer brand

Worldline works on its brand as an employer to enhance its visibility and appeal on the market. Worldline enhanced its

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