Worldline - 2020 Universal Registration Document

EXTRA-FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF PERFORMANCE Building customer trust with reliable, secured, innovative and sustainable solutions

Besides, InTouch in partnership with Worldline also developed a specific initiative in Senegal to bring digital Financial Services to rural Senegalese areas where 61% of this population is financially excluded. With the support of the United Nations Capital Development Fund, the fintech deployed a network of 373 roving bank agents 10 underserved departments of Senegal within 18 months with the results of 800,000 transactions processed. In parallel, it has provided them with a specific mobile application allowing them to offer different types of transactions with all operators in the country and immediate money transfer free of charge. This innovation brought real progress in the villages: increase of awareness and use related to digital Financial Services (similar services than the Guichet Unique ), additional income for agents, less travels and intermediary fees, more discretion w thi mobile payment, etc. It should be noted that the recruitment of women has been a challenge in this project. If the objective of 30% of female agents was not reached because of traditional barriers – such as the approval of the husband who has decision-making power, the 27 women recruited (10% in total) benefit – on the same basis as men – from an equal salary supplement which can be considered as a first lever for their emancipation. Worldline and InTouch were also able to connect to the big players in international money transfer such as Western Union, Ria, Worldremit, A Small World etc type of offer to ease financial transfer across the globe. More generally, such a solution supports the development of digital payment solutions instead of cash exchanges only, which is in favour of economic growth and a more secure and transparent economy and society, fighting against fraud, encouraging financial flows traceability. In this way, it supports the Sustainable Development Goals 16 and 8 of the United Nation.

Worldline brings to InTouch its expertise in payment solutions and also provides a secure industrial hosting infrastructure enabling the deployment and operation of its solutions aiming at digital financial inclusion on a pan-African scale. Through this solution and the InTouch partnership, Worldline is contributing to sub-Saharan Africa’s global financial inclusion and a more secure and transparent society with stronger institutions. The QR code solution in India, when hardware terminals are replaced by a mobile app.? Worldline India has developed a solution in the Indian market that makes payment easier and more accessible for the local communities. The QR code solution helps to replace the use of hardware terminals at merchant point of sales, thus offering an acquiring solution at lower cost. Thanks to this solution, merchants are able to print and past on the wall of their shop this QR code, which can then be read by a mobile application. These QR codes have been deployed by more than 100,000 merchants and customers can scan those QR code in order to pay their purchases. This solution was implemented by Worldline with the support of the Indian government to encourage the acceptance of digital payment transactions by smaller merchants in towns and in rural areas. Besides, in Belgium, Worldline also offers the solution Bancontact, an acquiring offering that provides turn-key payment functionalities for merchants while implementing lower fees for small payments used by small merchants. By accepting Bancontact in their business, small merchants can meet their customers’ payment habits and opt for security, speed and ease.


Universal Registration Document 2020


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