Worldline - 2020 Universal Registration Document

EXTRA-FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF PERFORMANCE Building customer trust with reliable, secured, innovative and sustainable solutions

In 2020, Worldline managed all complaints, data subjects requests and data breaches, following the internal data protection processes in time thus fully complying with the data protection regulations. No fines have been imposed on Worldline nor have there been any investigations into processing of personal data by Worldline [GRI 418-1] .

For more information regarding data protection’s measures at Ingenico, please consult Chapter 3.3 of its extra-financial performance declaration.

Improve customer relationship management D.2.5

Continuously improve customer experience [GRI 102-44] D.2.5.1 Worldline has defined a customer satisfaction policy tailored to its specific market and business model. This policy provides guidance to ensure adequate effectiveness of the Customer Satisfaction Management Framework and related processes, thus building stronger relationship with customers and providing services with higher added-value. Moreover, additional questions relating to Corporate Social Responsibility will be addressed to Worldline customers as of 2021 to enrich the process of satisfaction survey described hereinafter.

Worldline uses a proven methodology aligned with leading expertise from Gartner, Satmetrix and Forrester, to measure the satisfaction through two major indicators: the widely used Net Promoter Score (NPS ® ) and the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT). Particularly, customer satisfaction surveys allow Worldline to: Consistently and comprehensively measure customer ● satisfaction; Establish baselines upon which to improve for each ● customer contract; Identify generic areas of concern to be addressed globally ● and locally; Communicate with its customers on its commitments ● relating to CSR.

Improving customer experience D. through the customer satisfaction process Customer satisfaction surveys are conducted on a regular basis to analyse whether changes need to be made to increase its customers’ overall satisfaction and loyalty.


Three types of customer satisfaction survey are conducted as illustrated below:

Strategic survey

Tactical survey

Mass Market survey

Perceived performance measurement for individual contracts

General perception measurement on overall quality of the relationship

Perceived performance measurement for Mass Market


Set of Worldline global top accounts


Large and medium size contracts

Mass Market contracts

Contracts governance team (IT departments, operational managers, etc.)

Chief Experience Officer of key accounts



Phone interviews with a representative sample of merchants


Online surveys

Face-to-face interviews


Once a year

Once a year

Once a year

Universal Registration Document 2020


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