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EXTRA-FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF PERFORMANCE Building customer trust with reliable, secured, innovative and sustainable solutions

Promotion of a culture of innovation D. WORLDLINE’S INNOVATION ECOSYSTEM


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Customer innovation workshops: They enable Worldline, ● together with customers, to demonstrate its thought leadership and innovation capabilities, to share its vision of new emerging technologies and trends regarding digital services and usages, to present proofs of concepts that can be “touched” and experienced in real-life, to co-design new products, services or offerings; The Expert community: Nearly 290 worldwide experts ● have 10% to 20% of their working time dedicated to collaboration on study topics, on Proof Of Concept/Value, on internal trainings, or to provide support in strategic projects. Their expertise ranges from software and technology to functional and business skills, including innovative project management. By mixing people from different entities and geographical locations, the Expert community is a real melting pot for all innovations. In 2020, members of this community participated to internal events such as the TeX Show or the e-Payment challenges. Despite the Covid-19 crisis, those events have been maintained in an innovative digital way, which enable the experts to still network with their peers. To prepare the future, Worldline has strengthened the international collaboration by setting up a new scalable organisation. Worldline is ready to welcome newex perts from Ingenico. It targets an active community of 600 experts in the mid-term; TechForum eXplore: Worldline’s yearly event gathering ● experts from all around the Worldline Group for 2 days to give and attend over 50 conferences, roundtables, workshops and Labs Demos has been taking place for the past 10 years in Worldline. In 2020, for obvious health reasons, it evolved into a fully online event called TeX Show: featuring 2 live talks every day for a full month on technical topics like cloud, AI, cyber-security, software dev, payment fraud detection, etc. Over 1000 experts and techies took this opportunity to share their knowledge and learn/discover technical topics;

To promote a culture of innovation, Worldline has implemented several initiatives both internally and externally. The Worldline Innovation Network (WIN): counting more ● than 50 members, this network and community of innovation experts brings together the so-called WIN Members. It is made up of innovation champions from various positions in Worldline’s organisation and geographies. They promote innovation culture throughout the Company, act as proximity relays and facilitators to innovators and develop with their peers new innovation practices at Worldline; The WIN Lift idea incubator: This initiative combines ● process, facilitation and methodology to help innovators define, refine, explore, develop and growth eir ideas until they are adopted as part of Worldline’s overall processes; The WIN Awards: this bottom-up yearly contest enables ● all employees of Worldline to present the innovative projects they participated in during the last year. Best projects are put forward and presented to the employee votes to determine the finalists. An international jury designates the winners. This initiative not only provides visibility to innovative projects and innovators, but also encourage every employee to think about innovation, where it comes from, how to promote it and what are the paths to make it real: “There are 1001 ways to innovate, what are yours?”; The WIN Learning eXpedition: This annual initiative takes ● Worldline’s top innovators on a journey of discovery and encounter with the innovation ecosystem (universities, start-ups, major players, institutions, etc.) of a major metropolis;


Universal Registration Document 2020

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