Worldline - 2020 Universal Registration Document


EXTRA-FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF PERFORMANCE Building customer trust with reliable, secured, innovative and sustainable solutions

Business risk

Risk description

Worldline action plan

Related opportunities Sustainable digital transformation and business reinvention

Main monitoring KPIs

Sustainable innovation For more details, refer to this document, Sections D.2.2 and F.

In order for innovation to be sustainable in Worldline’s business, the Company must continuously deliver new secured and useful solutions in different fields of expertise (energy efficiency, traceability, etc.). In addition, it must ensure these solutions are produced in a sustainable way. Furthermore, following the integration with Ingenico, a specific attention will need to be devoted to patented innovations. In fact, Ingenico currently holds roughly 350 patent families far more than Worldline’s current portfolio. Cyber-crime has become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. To deliver highly available services to its customers and maintain a high level of trust, Worldline must guarantee the security of its internal and external business processes. The digital sector faces growing challenges in terms of data privacy. To implement compliant and secured services, Worldline must ensure a high level of data protection and work hand in hand with researchers to develop solutions. Key topic: customer data protection The ability of Worldline to ensure that its products and services fulfill its customers’ needs is crucial to its ability to create value. Worldline invests in its sales force to create the highest levels of trust and improve proposed solutions. Key topic: customer service

Reinforcing value for customers and society through sustainable and innovative solutions is a key challenge. That is why the Company has implemented several actions to make its innovation as much useful as eco-friendly and accessible.

WL8 Customer innovation sessions delivered by Worldline for customers TRUST 2020 WL4 Revenue of “sustainability offering”

System security, reliability & continuity For more details, refer to this document, Sections D.2.3 and F.

To avoid or minimise the impact of security incidents, Worldline’s security organisation has defined a set of Global Secu rityand Safety policies and guidelines, maintains a high coverage of

Cyber and advanced security offering

TRUST 2020 WL1 Services availability rate TRUST 2020 Incident responses compliant with Worldline security policy

ISO 27001 security certification and has implemented business Continuity Procedures.

Data protection For more details, refer to this document, Sections D.2.4 and F.

TRUST 2020 Compliance Assessment of Data Processing for relevant services WL3 Data Security incidents

To ensure the highest level of data protection, Worldline has implemented a comprehensive data protection approach, which was reinforced with the application of the GDPR European Regulation.

Operational excellence/Reputation resilience/Legal & internal control mechanisms/Trust & compliance throughout the value chain

Customer relationship management For more details, refer to this document, Sections D.2.5 and F.

To ensure its customers satisfaction, Worldline conducts customer satisfaction surveys on a regular basis to adjust its business processes and

Delivery quality and competitive advantage

GRI 102-44 Overall Customer Satisfaction from Tactical surveys

GRI 102-44 Net promoter score

increase its customers’ overall satisfaction and loyalty. The Company also trains its employees in the protection of personal data.


Universal Registration Document 2020

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