Worldline - 2020 Universal Registration Document

EXTRA-FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF PERFORMANCE Building customer trust with reliable, secured, innovative and sustainable solutions

Building customer trust with reliable, secured, D.2 innovative and sustainable solutions

Meet customer expectations D.2.1 [GRI 102-43] [WL4]

In a fast-changing environment, Worldline must be able to adapt to meet the expectations of key market players with whom the Company generates a significant portion of its revenues. This is why Worldline pays particular attention to customer satisfaction. With regard to business challenges, Worldline has identified four significant gross extra-financial risks. This chapter is structured according to these risks and presents mitigation measures for each in order to take full advantage of the opportunities related to these risks.

Worldline has finalised its TRUST 2020 programme and emphasises on the below achievements: Quality management has been industrialised to improve ● monthly monitoring of response time and availability of our Platforms and thus accelerating incidents solving; Security processes, policies & practices have been ● reinforced and harmonised within our organisation; CSR has become a prerequisite to generate customer ● satisfaction and a competitive advantage in RFIs.

2020 Target 9,875

2020 9,817

CSR Challenges



Building client’s trust with fully available and secured platforms and reinforcing value for clients through sustainable & innovative solutions

Quality Score - Contracts’ Service Availability & Response Time % of alignment with the Service Level Agreements (SLA) on service availability % of alignment with the Service Level Agreements (SLA) on response time % of incident responses compliant with Worldline security policy % of Compliance Assessment of Data Processing (CADP) performed for all processing activities Revenue generated through sustainable solutions that contribute to societal and environmental progress (in €)





100% 100%

99.7% 100%



Overall customer Satisfaction from Tactical surveys



Universal Registration Document 2020


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