Worldline - 2020 Universal Registration Document


EXTRA-FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF PERFORMANCE Integrating sustainability into Worldline’s business

WL1 Service availability rate: The service availability rate concerns only SIPS Solution and especially Paypage 2.0 (Sips Direct customer) based upon Worldline SIPS platform. Also, Digital River, PaySquare, Equens, Ogone and Six Payment are excluded from the reporting scope. WL3 Number of security incident: Exclusion of SPS security incidents. WL 8 Innovation sessions delivered by Worldline for customers: In 2019, innovation sessions were promoted by Global Markets among clients of Atos and Worldline with the support of BTIC network. Following Atos crave-out, Worldline no longer have access to BTIC network. In 2020, the number of delivered innovation sessions are promoted by Sales & Marketing among clients of Worldline. The change in the definition of innovation sessions leads to a sharp increase in the number of sessions delivered in 2020. This is mainly explained by the fact that in 2019, only sessions held physically in the BTIC were accounted for. In 2020, sessions held at the customer’s site and all Worldline facilities across the world are taken into account. Due to Covid-19, innovation sessions delivered online were also taken into account. GRI 102-44 Overall customer Satisfaction from Tactical surveys: The reporting scope is based on the eligible revenues, representing each contract taken into account by the satisfaction survey. GRI 404-3 Percentage of employees who received a regular performance and career development review during the year: WL Germany (except former SPS employees), eW Germany and WL Austria are excluded from the reporting scope. GRI205-2 Percentage of employees trained in Code of Ethics - E learning: Germany and Austria are excluded from reporting scope as the e-learning was not deployed. WL2 Great Place to Work Trust Index rate: GPTW’s methodology changed in 2020. For consistency reasons, we have preferred to present the results according to the old

methodology. With regard to the new methodology the results are as follows: 64% (2020), 63% (2019), 59% (2018), 58% (2017), 57% (2016). GRI 403-9 403-10 Absenteeism rate: Exclusion of WL Brazil, Worldline USA, Worldline Czech republic, eW Germany, WL Germany, WL India, WL Estonia, WL Latvia, WL Lithuania, WL Luxembourg, WL Italy, SPS UK. GRI 302-1 Energy consumption within the organization (GJ): Exclusion of Indonesia, Taiwan, United-States, Brazil and Hungary. GRI 302-3 Energy consumption by revenue and Energy consumption by employee: Exclusion of Indonesia, Taiwan, United-States, Brazil and Hungary. GRI 305-4 Total CO 2 emissions, CO 2 emissions by revenue and CO 2 emissions by employee: For energy consumption within the organization of Indonesia, Taiwan, United-States, Brazil and Hungary were excluded. For energy consumption outside of the organization the exclusions are as follows: Car travel: Exclusion of Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, ● Taiwan, China, USA, Brazil, Hungary and Slovenia. Train travel: Exclusion of Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, ● China, Sweden, USA, Brazil, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland and Estonia. Taxi travel: Exclusion of Poland, Estonia, Sweden, USA, ● Brazil, Hungary, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Slovenia. In Germany the following entities are excluded from scope: Paysquare, BDS POS and SPS. Air travel: Exclusion of Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, ● Taiwan, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, USA, Brazil, Hungary and Slovenia. WL17 Proportion of spending on local suppliers at significant locations of operation: Exclusion of Estonia and Indonesia.


Universal Registration Document 2020

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