Worldline - 2019 Universal Registration Document


EXTRA-FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF PERFORMANCE Integrating sustainability in Worldline’s business

The integrated report that includes the main financial and ● extra-financial KPIs and highlights the Company’s key topics of the year, as well as its strategy for the years to come and how it will meet all its stakeholders’ expectations. an appendix of this report, available on the website of the Company, discloses a content index table matching the GRI standards with the different Information reported in the URD and in the integrated report. this table also matches the GRI standards with Worldline’s commitment to SDGs. KPI monitoring and the reporting methodology are presented in Section D.6. Complying with the European Directive D. 2014/95/EU on the declaration of extra-financial performance [GRI 103-3 Market Presence] [GRI 103-3 Indirect Economic Impacts] [GRI 103-3 Sector Specific Disclosure] Since the first of August 2017 and the transposition of Directive 2014/95/EU on the declaration of extra-financial

performance, a new framework for the disclosure of non-financial information by large companies has entered into force in France. Such directive modifies the applicable rules regarding the publication requirements for Corporate Social Responsibility related information. This regulation covers and replaces other laws on this topic, and is intended to become a strategic management tool for the Company, concise and intelligible, as well as focused on significant information for all the relevant stakeholders. This new reporting directive aims at improving the relevance, consistency and comparison of extra-financial information published in Europe and introduces a more global and material vision of extra-financial reporting. Together with the UN SDGs and with the PACTE law in France, this new regulation spurs companies to think about their activity with regard to their contribution and impact on society through an integrated thinking and to serve the ambition of a more sustainable development, taking into account all stakeholders’ interest.

Presented hereafter is the cross-reference table to link the requirements of the Directive 2014/95/EU (article L. 225-102-1) and Worldline’s corresponding extra-financial information.

Information Section required by the EFPD

Requirements of the new article L. 225-102-1 regarding the declaration of extra-financial performance (EFPD)

Handled in the present document

An Integrated Business Model (IIRC framework)

Sections D. and C.3

General information on Worldline challenges Section on social and societal information

A risks analysis with its mitigation policies, action plans, and associated KPIs

Sections D.1.2.2 and F

Employment (cf. risk Talent attraction & retention) Training (cf. risk Training & human capital development) Work organization (cf. risk Employee well-being at work) Health and safety (cf. risk Employee well-being at work) Working conditions (cf. risk Employee well-being at work) Collective bargaining agreements (cf. risk Employee well-being at work) Subcontracting and suppliers (cf. risk Responsible procurement & due diligence in the value chain) Equal treatment: Measures taken to promote ● equality between women and men; Measures taken to promote the ● employment and integration of persons with disabilities; Anti-discrimination policy; ● Promotion of diversity. ●

Topics covered by Worldline’s risk analysis

Sections D.1.2.2, D.3, and H - Cross-reference table with EFPD

Topics not covered by Worldline’s risk analysis but considered as material

Sections D.1.2.2, D.3, and H - Cross-reference table with EFPD


Universal Registration Document 2019

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