Worldline - 2019 Universal Registration Document


EXTRA-FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF PERFORMANCE Integrating sustainability in Worldline’s business

Be recognized by top non-financial ratings and rankings D.1.3.2

In 2019, Worldline continues to be recognized as a leader in its sector by the principal non-financial ratings agencies.



2016 2017 2018





83/100 81/100 76/100











CDP: in 2020, Worldline obtained an A- rating following its ● first assessment for the 2018 exercise by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Questionnaire on its own initiative (the Company was previously assessed as part of the Atos group). The CDP is recognized by investors as the international benchmark for transparency and corporate commitment to climate change. the CDP uses a detailed and independent methodology to assess these companies, assigning them a rating from A to D- based on the completeness of information provided, awareness and management of environmental risks and demonstration of best practices associated with environmental leadership, such as setting ambitious and meaningful emission reduction targets. this high rating is recognition of Worldline's ambitious environmental strategy and achievements. EcoVadis: in 2019, Worldline received for the fourth year in ● a row, the “Gold” level awarded by the independent extra-financial assessment organization EcoVadis. With a 2-point increase in the global ranking, the Group has obtained an overall score of 83/100, confirming its progress in CSR performance and its long-term commitment to sustainable development. Worldline confirms its position among the very restricted TOP 1% of the most advanced and invested companies in CSR across all industries and all themes assessed by EcoVadis: environment, labor & human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

The Group has especially progressed on sustainable procurement in 2018 and obtained a score of 80/100. Moreover, Worldline confirms its environmental theme score of 80/100 and received once again an excellent score of 90/100 on issues related to ethics, confirming its ability to promote and influence responsible behaviors and practices throughout its value chain, including its partners and subcontractors. Sustainalytics: Worldline improves its position by ● becoming the 4 th  leading company of the software and services industry based on Sustainalytics assessment. for the second year in a row, Sustainalytics has recognized the Company’s leadership in sustainability-related matters by giving an overall ESG score of 78/100. MSCI: the Company scored high in the ranking released by ● MSCI (AA rating obtained in 2019). ISS-Oekom: Worldline scored high in the ranking released ● by ISS-Oekom (prime status, with a c+ rating). regarding ISS (Institutional Shareholder Services, Inc.), the Group achieved a 1 ranking in environment, 1 in social, and 5 in governance at the end of 2019. The rating scale runs from 1 to 10, with 1 representing the lowest risk level and 10 the highest.


Universal Registration Document 2019

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