Worldline - 2019 Universal Registration Document

GROUP OVERVIEW Worldline in 2019

May Award-winning YUMI. Worldline introduced its cutting-edge payment device YUMI to the market – a fully customisable all-in-one business-enabling platform that is set to transform the shopping experience. YUMI’s ultra-modern design, which features a single customer-facing full-touch display that can rotate 360°, won the Red Dot 2019 award for industrial design in May for its “extremely individual and comfortable user experience”. Carbon neutral breakthrough. Worldline became the first company in the payment industry to neutralise its operational CO 2 emissions, across our data centres, offices, business travel and the lifecycle of our payment terminals. By reducing energy use, switching to decarbonised energy and offsetting residual emissions, Worldline is able to provide carbon neutral solutions to its clients. Award-winning Artificial Intelligence in Worldline Contact solution. Worldline was selected by Nuance, a specialist in conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI), for its Best Partner award following their close collaboration to provide innovative omnichannel contact solutions in SaaS mode for WL Contact, Worldline’s state-of-the-art omnichannel contact solution. WL Contact was recognised for its sophisticated integration of AI to enable contact centres to automate certain tasks, customise callers’ welcome message in real time and automatically direct callers to the agent most capable of meeting their request. June Cryptography for the post-quantum age. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the US selected Worldline’s four proposals as candidates for cryptographic algorithms strong enough to protect electronic information from attack by quantum computers. The Instant Payments leader. With the launch of real-time payments in the Netherlands using the Clearing and Settlement Mechanism system of equensWorldline, Worldline became the largest processor of instant payments in the Eurozone, handling millions of instant payment transactions per week. We anticipate real-time payments will become the new normal – not only for domestic transactions in Europe but also for cross-border transactions. Everything you didn’t dare ask about payments. In June, Worldline published an industry briefing looking at how and why payment is changing so rapidly and what these developments mean for banks, merchants and consumers. The report looks at 10 key questions about the future of payments, examining how the digital revolution is leading to fundamental changes not only in payment technologies but in the very nature of payment itself.

July Redefining the future of social networks. As the only payment and transaction services provider selected as a partner of the EU-funded project HELIOS, Worldline will provide its expertise in system and privacy security, rewarding functionalities and blockchain technology. The three-year project will develop a decentralised and user-controlled social media platform that will allow developers to create easy-to-apply social network functionalities by reducing costs and development complexity. Open banking medallist. Worldline was recognised by Ovum as Best Open Banking Solution Provider for the Worldline Digital Banking Platform at the PayTech Awards 2019. Worldline’s clients in the financial sector are using the WL Digital Banking Platform 1  solution to generate additional revenue streams through new complementary digital and transactional services. September Worldline completes equensWorldline acquisition and receives an investment grade BBB/Stable outlook rating from S&P Global. Worldline completed the acquisition of the 36.4% minority stake in equensWorldline in September. Worldline now has full ownership of the leading European payment transaction processor which will pave the way for continued consolidation and new strategic partnerships in the processing business. The call exercise price was €1,070 million for the remaining 36.4% stake and was financed by a €600 million convertible bond issued on July 25, 2019 and a € 500 million bond issued on September 11, 2019. Thanks to the very attractive terms of these two bond emissions, the overall financing of the acquisition has a negative cost for Worldline (from a cash flow perspective). A pioneer in Strong Customer Authentication. Worldline is the first payment provider to implement 3-D Secure 2.0 in its platforms and to process live transactions for European retailers using strong customer authentication (SCA), in accordance with the requirements of the European Union’s revised payment services directive (PSD2).




Universal Registration Document 2019

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