Worldline - 2019 Universal Registration Document

EXTRA-FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF PERFORMANCE Integrating sustainability in Worldline’s business

CUSTOMERS Merchants, banks and other financial institutions, companies, public sector

EMPLOYEES Employees, Trainees, Social partners,Works Councils

SUPPLIERS & PARTNERS IT hardware and software suppliers, payment terminal suppliers, service suppliers, business partners


INVESTORS & ANALYSTS Shareholders, investors,

PUBLIC BODIES Policymakers (PCI-DSS), professional organizations, internal institutions, media

banks, analysts, rating agencies

COMMUNITIES Local/National authorities, communities, associations, NGOsr

Involving internal stakeholders through D. CSR awareness Worldline has launched a large awareness program aiming to promote CSR across all geographies, increase employee awareness and involvement and thus truly embed CSR in all its value chain. As part of this program, Worldline has organized in 2019 a set of different actions: CSR on-site roadshows are regularly organized on ● Worldline sites and took place in 2019 in France, Switzerland, Finland, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany and Italy. These two-hour interactive sessions enable the CSR Officer to physically meet employees and present Worldline CSR commitments, actions and results to them. In 2019, it was a welcome opportunity for employees of former Six Payment Services entity to know more about the CSR strategy of Worldline and to directly share their viewpoints and ideas; Meetings with Work Councils took place. The CSR officer ● has met all the Work Councils in the main geographical regions to present Worldline CSR policy and the progress of the TRUST2020 program to them on an annual basis. The objective of these meetings is also to enable a dialog with all the employee representatives, encouraging them to

join the CSR approach. The CSR Officer is at the disposal of the Work Councils and is available whenever they wish to answer specific questions; Deep-dive sessions with management have been set up ● (during the management seminar and the Strategy seminar) in order to share results and new ambitions of Worldline CSR policy. Those sessions are an opportunity to highlight how extra-financial performance is closely linked to business and financial performance and illustrate the key CSR messages that managers can reuse during their weekly team meetings and promote the Worldline CSR approach; Dedicated roadshows also target sales and purchasing ● populations to increase their level of CSR awareness and thus contribute to Worldline performance by embedding CSR requirements and vision into their day-to-day business. For instance, by leveraging Worldline CSR actions, sales people can positively influence customers in the choice of solutions and valorize Worldline CSR actions in the Request for Proposals. In 2019, a CSR session was also organized in the Global Sales event, to address the entire sales ecosystem on the CSR topics and Worldline’s competitive advantages;


Universal Registration Document 2019

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